2015 ADGA Mid-Year Report – Production Testing Committee

Mid-Year Report   – period ending 03/31/2015 (prepared 4/16/2015) Committee: Production Testing

Committee Co-Chairs: Joan Dean Rowe, DVM & Karen Torrence

Committee Members: Lynn Benedict, Scott Bice, Karen Butler, Linda Grilli Calhoun, Daniel Considine, Margie Dykstra, Sara Koehn-Walberg, Vickie Larson, Laura Lovett, Krista Myers, Joe Pietrangelo, Robin Saum, Michaela Sievers, Merle Vanderweyst, Suzanne Veilleux, Ruth Weaver, Katherine Winters, Lisa Shepard (ex-officio)

Committee objectives:

  • Expand DHIR on line tester training to include DRMS processed records.
  • Provide review as needed of records that require oversigh
  • Encourage DHIR participation, such as informing herd owners about educationalresources that are available.
  • Work with Performance Programs Coordinator to identify and address specific production testing issues and problems as they arise.


Summary of work for the year to date:


  • Committee correspondence to initiate discussion on promoting memberconfidence in the benefits of ADGA production testing programs.
  •  Co-chairs appointed VT review subcommittee (no activity needed to date).
  •  Co-chair developed help sheet for filling out ADGA DHIR enrollment form to be reviewed by committee.

Financial Report – Committee Expenses thus far: None

Problems encountered: None.

Plans for remainder of Year:

  • Develop DRMS-specific training module to expand online training material.
  • We will continue to look at the quality & standardization of tester training. Committee will be expanding web-based tester training materials and assessment tools.
  •  Work with Performance Programs Coordinator to address Production Testing issues throughout year, including records with unusual characteristics, as requested by PP
  • Review Committee mission statement and guidelines per ADGA’s Strategic Plan.
  • Document the value that ADGA members are receiving for their DHIR fee

Chairpersons’ signatures:

Karen A. Torrence             Karen A. Torrence

Joan Dean Rowe, DVM      Joan Dean Rowe, DVM