2015 ADGA Mid-Year Report – Registration Committee

ADGA MID-YEAR REPORT                                                             March 13, 2015

Committee: Registration

Committee Chair: George R. Altheide

Committee Member: Casselman, Teresa, Clarke, Rebekah, Considine, Daniel, Gould, Ellen, Myer Greta, Nixon, Sheila, Parker, Cliff, Payne, Kelsey, Peace, David, Rowe, Joan Dean, Smith Malmanis, Trinity Maia, Rupchis, Benjamin, Taylor, Tamara: Ex-officio members Saum, Robin, McKenzie, Shirley,

Goals and Objectives for the Year: Review Registration Rules and Issues

Summary of Work

  1. Provided wording to the E.C. for the changes needed to Guidebook due to the changes in Sable registration approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Review current Mission Statement it see if a change in wording was needed for new Strategic Plan. Majority of committee felt no change was needed.
  3. Reviewed need for computer programming changes in registration software due to possible difference in Nigerian Dwarf gestation with Standard breeds. Majority of committee felt no change was needed.
  4. Started discussion on guide book changes to insure that members understand using the term unknown or unregistered on registration paperwork when the breeding is in fact known, but prevented from ADGA registration is not allowed.

Financial Statement: Costs of this committee handled by chair

Problems Encountered: None

Plans for the Remainder of the Year: Finish discussion on issues under discussion. Address other issues brought before the committee

Committee Members Not Responding to Correspondence: None



George R. Altheide

Committee Chair