2015 ADGA Mid-Year Report – Shows Committee


Committee Chairperson:  Anna Thompson Hajdik

Committee Members: Mary Adamson, Jane Bailey, Lisa Begley, Jennifer Bice, June Bryan, Teresa Casselman, Ed Cavanaugh, Tom Considine, Thomas Cox, Leslie Diaz, Cindy Eslava, Lynn Fleming, David Funk, Martha Griner, Kevin Kinney, Don Marston, Julie Matthys, Gwen Musselmen, Cliff Parker, Trinity Malmanis, Robin Saum, Helen Snyder, Elizabeth Henning, Megan Treadway-Carter, Jennifer Tereba

Committee Goals and Objectives for the Year: 

  1. Contact individuals and gather information in order to amend/correct any errors on Reports of Awards that are forwarded to committee from the ADGA office.
  2. Vote on those corrections and forward to the Board of Directors for review
  3. Reviewed our previous recommendation regarding a spring 2014 show in Arizona and voted that no action be taken.
    Summary of Committee Work and Activities Completed Thus Far:



  1. Approved of 6 Reports of Awards that initially contained errors after receiving the needed information from various show chairs. 21 in favor and 2 not in favor.

Decisions Requiring Board Action

  1. We seek a postal ballot for board approval of the 6 ROAs that were reviewed and approved by the Shows Committee.

Financial Report – Committee Expenses: None

Problems Encountered: None

Plans for the Remainder of the Year:


  1. Respond to a range of issues regarding shows throughout the year, including mistakes made on ROAs and other concerns or complaints brought to the committee’s attention.
  2. Respond to any suggestions or ideas that ADGA members may have for improving or clarifying topics related to shows on a case-by-case basis.

March 31, 2015                       Signed: Anna Thompson Hajdik