Committee Reports and Board Summary

2015 Board Summary 2015-16 Committees COMMITTEE REPORTS Advanced Judges Committee Mid Year Year End Annual Meeting Committee Mid Year Year End Annual Meeting Long Range Mid Year Year End Annual Meeting Youth Activities Mid Year Year End Awards Committee Mid Year Year End Addendum Breed Standards Committee Mid Year Year End Constitution and Bylaws Committee Mid […]

ADGA Q&A Discussion List

A new discussion list has been setup at yahoogroups: ADGA Q&A This list is for discussion of issues of interest to members of the American Dairy Goat Association. It is maintained and supported by volunteers, including ADGA Directors and other ADGA members, with a goal of facilitating communication among ADGA members and to help answer […]

Website Update

The ADGA website is currently undergoing maintenance and users may experience issues when logging into member services. ISSUE 1: No Database Connection. We are currently working on this issue and hope to have it resolved soon. RECOMMENDATION: Please try logging in again at a later time. ISSUE 2: Selecting Member Services option at top of […]

2016 ADGA Annual Meeting & Convention

Welcome to Austin, Texas! Site of the 2016 American Dairy Goat Association Annual Meeting & Convention The South Central Texas Goat Club and Friends invite you to attend the ADGA 2016 Annual Meeting and Convention October 25-30 in Austin, Texas. This year’s festivities will be held at the Austin Bergstrom Hilton Hotel, and plans for an […]

2016 National Show Judge Change

Jennifer Lohman Peterson has withdrawn from judging at the National Show due to new job requirements.  Joan Dean Rowe, DVM, with the next highest number of votes, has accepted and will replace Ms. Peterson. Peter Snyder (NY), Mark Baden (WA), Dan Laney (CA), Aaron J. Carter (CA), Sam Whiteside (CA), and Joan Dean Rowe, DVM, (CA) […]

2016 ADGA National Show Judges

ADGA Judge Sam Whiteside (CA) has been selected by the National Show Committee to officiate along with judges Peter Snyder (NY), Mark Baden (WA), Jennifer Lohman Peterson (WI), Dan Laney (CA), and Aaron J. Carter (CA) at this year’s National Show. The show will be held at the Farm Show Complex & Expo Center in […]

2016 ADGA Judges Training Conference

The Illinois Dairy Goat Association will host an ADGA Judges Training Conference in Champaign, Illinois June 18-19, 2016 preceded by a Pre-TC on June 17. A Training Conference will also be held October 29-30 during the annual convention in Austin, Texas. You can find additional information under Official Judges in your ADGA Guidebook. For online Judges […]

Members Vote for National Show Judges

ADGA members recently cast their ballot for 2016 National Show Judges. The five judges receiving the highest number of votes and accepting a judging assignment were Peter Snyder (NY), Mark Baden (WA), Jennifer Lohman Peterson (WI), Dan Laney (CA), and Aaron J. Carter (CA). A sixth judge will be selected by the National Show Committee. The show […]