ADGA National Show Results 2017

ADGA National Show results graphic


Breed Show Books & Show Results

Download the 2017 ADGA National Show Booklet produced by the Dairy Goat Journal in PDF format.


Alpine Show Results

Alpine Show Book PDF


LaMancha Show Results

Lamancha Show Book PDF

Nigerian Dwarf

Nigerian Dwarf Show Results

Nigerian Dwarf Show Book PDF


Nubian Show Results

Nubian Show Book PDF


Oberhasli Show Results

Oberhasli Show Book PDF

Recorded Grade

Recorded Grade Results

Recorded Grade Show Book PDF


Saanen Show Results

Saanen Show Book PDF


Sable Show Results

Sable Show Book PDF


Toggenburg Show Results

Toggenburg Show Book PDF

Youth Event Results

National Show 2017 Youth Results

Colorama Sale

The 2017 Colorama Sale was held on Friday, July 14 at 4:00 pm CDT following the Wine & Cheese event.

Colorama Sale 2017 Results

Silent Auction Winners

The 2017 Silent Auction was held on Thursday, July 13. Congratulations winners!

AKBJ Dairy Goats
Pleasant-Grove Worth The Wait

Carvers Rock Acres
Scotchbriar Relevant Attitude

Kim Hellums
Sartyr Gandalf Madison

Jon Ross Winch
Dragonfly Sol Halley’s Comet

Josh Albrecht
Early Rise Acres Moonstone

Peaster Valley
LS Acres Eli’s Baby Ruth

Peaster Valley
Goat-San Multnomah Falls

White Oak Bend
Flick’s Acrea Catalena

Early Rise Acres
Vanjust LEE Jipsie

Chene Blanc
Two milk stands

See the Goats and Milk Stands included in the auction


ADGA National Show 2017 Judges

Official Photographer

All official ADGA National Show 2017 dairy goat champion photos posted on and ADGA’s Facebook page are taken by Steve Pope unless otherwise noted and are copyrighted. They may not be copied and shared other than by sharing ADGA’s social media posts using the “Share” feature or by sharing the page URL where they are located.

View and Buy Steve’s National Show Photos


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Konza Kids Dairy Goats (Awards Sponsor)

Harrogate Hospital for Animals (Awards Sponsor)

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Land O’Lakes Aminal Milk Products Co.

Maple Oak Farm

NLPA Sheep and Goat Fund

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

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Friend of the National Show Sponsors: $250 – 499


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