ADGA Top Ten Breed Leaders

Each year ADGA recognizes the top ten producing does in each breed from the prior year’s completed lactation records.  These records have met the minimum requirements for their size category, have had the appropriate verification test, and meet the minimum data collection rating.  These top ten producing does are known as the Breed Leaders.

New Release! 2017 – TTv 63  There have been some changes since the list was emailed.  The web listing will always have the most current information.

Tv 62 – 2016

TopTen v61  2015

TTv 60  2014

TTv 59 2013

TTv 58 2012

TTv 57 2011

TTv 56 2010

TTv 55 2009

For information on records with an asterisk please visittest day level data.

Connection to the database rather than pdf files is planned for future.