2017 Convention Youth Scholarship Recipients

Each year the American Dairy Goat Association awards thousands of dollars in scholarships for education and participation to its members. Scholarship eligibility is just one of the great benefits of being an ADGA Member. Convention Youth Scholarships are awarded based on answers to the following questions and criteria. Only one Convention Youth Scholarship from ADGA is […]

2017 Breed Leader List

The ADGA Breed Leader list based on 2016 lactations has been released.  Congratulations to all does that made the list along with their owners & breeders and to everyone who takes the time & effort to participate in production testing! Go to current list!  TTv 63  This will always have the most current information. 2016: TTv 62  […]

ADGA Youth Essay Contest 2017

ESSAY TOPIC “The Magic of Mentors” WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Open to any youth who is a youth or regular member of ADGA or who is part of a family membership. Youth do not need to be in attendance at the annual meeting in Atlanta, GA to enter or to win. WHAT ARE THE AGE DIVISIONS? […]

ADGA Youth Photo Contest 2017

CONTEST THEME “Goats at Play” WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Any youth who is a Youth Member, a Regular Member, part of a family or joint membership or the child of an ADGA Member may participate in this contest. You do not need to be at the Annual Meeting and Convention to enter or to win. WHAT […]

ADGA National Show Recorded Grade Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: GCH Cherry Glen Gentry Bridget Owner: Diane Kirsch and Wayne Cullen Reserve Grand Champion Name: FFA’s Roxie Owner: Zach Ducharme Junior Champion Name: Early Rise Acres Zoft Dharma Owner: Korey Statton Reserve Junior Champion Name: Deidrago BR Riff-Raff Owner: Megan J Okeson Recorded Grade Show Summary Judge: Karen Smith Consultant: Dustin Noble Junior Does: 93 […]

ADGA National Show Alpine Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: SGCH Olentangy Lance Teepleite Owner: Mark V Baden Reserve Grand Champion Name: CH Tempo Aquila Sailin’ Free Owner: Louren L Acton, DVM Junior Champion Name: Olentangy Accolade Teemant Owner: Mark V Baden Reserve Junior Champion Name: Kickapoo-Valley Proud Haiku Owner: Griffin Jodlowski Udder Placing Best Udder: SGCH Olentangy Lance Teepleite Reserve Best Udder: CH […]

ADGA National Show Toggenburg Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: GCH Moss-Ridge Jest Javin Owner: Tracey Jones Reserve Grand Champion Name: Welbian-Farms RT Timeless Owner: Justin Lesniak Junior Champion Name: Redbird Pride Tandem Owner: Kate Henkel Reserve Junior Champion Name: Cherry Glen Hot Pursuit Arlet Owner: Wayne Cullen and Diane Kirsch Toggenburg Show Summary Judge: Ed Cavanagh Consultant: Todd Biddle Junior Does: 98 Senior Does: […]

ADGA National Show Nubian Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: SGCH Woest-Hoeve Margaret Owner: Thyssen, Sonia Reserve Grand Champion Name: SGCH J&M Hideaway Farm Patriot Owner: Noble, Madison Junior Champion Name: J&M Hideaway AB Bella Imperia Owner: Noble, Jackson Reserve Junior Champion Name: J&M Hideaway Escalante Owner: Noble, Madison Nubian Show Summary Judge: Dustin Noble Consultant: Ed Cavanagh Junior Does: 123 Senior Does: 122 Total Judged: 245 […]

ADGA National Show Saanen Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Elenya Owner: Lauren L Acton DVM Reserve Grand Champion Name: GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Winwalker Owner: Lauren L Acton DVM Junior Champion Name: Cherry Glen Ivan Chyler Owner: Kirsch, Diane & Wayne Cullen Reserve Junior Champion Name: BGR Dancing In The Moonlight Owner: Tonn, Joe, Vicky, Jarrod & Alisa Saanen Show Summary Judge: Todd Biddle […]

ADGA National Show Sable Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: Klisse’s KOOH Huldah Owner: Griffen Jodlowski Reserve Grand Champion Name: Klisse’s KOOH Bravura of Hope Owner: Delaney B Schmer Junior Champion Name: Kickapoo-Valley JDC Jakiaberry Owner: Griffen Jodlowski Reserve Junior Champion Name: Flick’s-Acres Bubble Bath Owner: Justin Williams Sable Show Summary Judge: Julie Matthys Consultant: Lynn Benedict Junior Does: 45 Senior Does: 50 Total Judged: […]

ADGA National Show Nigerian Dwarf Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: Old Mountain Farm Merriment Owner: Hilltop Farms Reserve Grand Champion Name: Cuatlil Red Barn Gwen Quinn Owner: Cassel & Family Margot Junior Champion Name: Honey Sweetie Acres Dulcinea Owner: Regina Bauscher Reserve Junior Champion Name: Fairland Farm TC Violet Voss Owner: Dawn, Greg, Gabrielle & Reagan Birr Udder Placing Best Udder: Old […]

ADGA National Show LaMancha Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: GCH Jen-Mae-KA Kids Canasta Owner: Megan Rene Lawrence Reserve Grand Champion Name: CH McQuitty-Farm Banana Tart Owner: McQuitty, Diana & Billy Woodward Junior Champion Name: Olentangy SIN City Jolie Owner: John Rhoades Reserve Junior Champion Name: Jen-Mae-KA Kids Frankie Owner: Megan Rene Lawrence Udder Placing Best Udder: GCH Jen-Mae-KA Kids Canasta Reserve Best […]

ADGA National Show Oberhasli Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: SGCH New Dreams CB Mochas Esmeralda Owner: Sara Koehn-Walberg & Daniel Louie Reserve Grand Champion Name: CH Ober-Boerd T. Ignis Owner: Heber Family, Anthony, Amanda, Blythe, Liam Junior Champion Name: Fixer-Up Hellen Owner: Alicia Geuther Reserve Junior Champion Name: Vanjust He Hermione Owner: Brandi C Giachino Oberhasli Show Summary Judge: Lynn Benedict Consultant: Dustin Noble Junior […]