ADGA National Show Sable Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: Klisse’s KOOH Huldah Owner: Griffen Jodlowski Reserve Grand Champion Name: Klisse’s KOOH Bravura of Hope Owner: Delaney B Schmer Junior Champion Name: Kickapoo-Valley JDC Jakiaberry Owner: Griffen Jodlowski Reserve Junior Champion Name: Flick’s-Acres Bubble Bath Owner: Justin Williams Sable Show Summary Judge: Julie Matthys Consultant: Lynn Benedict Junior Does: 45 Senior Does: 50 Total Judged: […]

ADGA National Show Nigerian Dwarf Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: Old Mountain Farm Merriment Owner: Hilltop Farms Reserve Grand Champion Name: Cuatlil Red Barn Gwen Quinn Owner: Cassel & Family Margot Junior Champion Name: Honey Sweetie Acres Dulcinea Owner: Regina Bauscher Reserve Junior Champion Name: Fairland Farm TC Violet Voss Owner: Dawn, Greg, Gabrielle & Reagan Birr Udder Placing Best Udder: Old […]

ADGA National Show LaMancha Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: GCH Jen-Mae-KA Kids Canasta Owner: Megan Rene Lawrence Reserve Grand Champion Name: CH McQuitty-Farm Banana Tart Owner: McQuitty, Diana & Billy Woodward Junior Champion Name: Olentangy SIN City Jolie Owner: John Rhoades Reserve Junior Champion Name: Jen-Mae-KA Kids Frankie Owner: Megan Rene Lawrence Udder Placing Best Udder: GCH Jen-Mae-KA Kids Canasta Reserve Best […]

ADGA National Show Oberhasli Champions 2017

Grand Champion Name: SGCH New Dreams CB Mochas Esmeralda Owner: Sara Koehn-Walberg & Daniel Louie Reserve Grand Champion Name: CH Ober-Boerd T. Ignis Owner: Heber Family, Anthony, Amanda, Blythe, Liam Junior Champion Name: Fixer-Up Hellen Owner: Alicia Geuther Reserve Junior Champion Name: Vanjust He Hermione Owner: Brandi C Giachino Oberhasli Show Summary Judge: Lynn Benedict Consultant: Dustin Noble Junior […]

The First National Dairy Goat Awareness Day

On June 12, 1986, the American Dairy Goat Association presented six dairy goat kids to the US Department of Agriculture. The day is recognized as the first National Dairy Goat Awareness Day and was commemorated by a gathering under a tent near the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. At the presentation, a painting of President Ronald […]

What is the Spotlight Sale?

The Spotlight Sale is the premium dairy goat sale event of the year, occurring in October during the American Dairy Goat Association Annual Convention. While there are spotlights at the sale, the name better describes the scrutiny by which each animal is selected. After meeting high health and ADGA breed conformity standards, the American Dairy […]

Sable Breed Standard Survey Results

ADGA Members were recently surveyed about a color requirement for the Sable breed. Should Sables be required to exhibit 25% color other than white or light cream for registration? Proponents of the 25% color requirement believe it would make the Sable breed more distinguishable from the Saanen breed, strengthening the legitimacy of the breed. This change […]

New Nigerian Dwarf Measuring Stick Transportable

A new measuring stick for miniature breeds such as the Nigerian Dwarf Goat is now available from the American Dairy Goat Association. This measuring wicket comes in three 15 inch sections for easy airline transportation and requires no tools to assemble. Using this livestock wicket, you will know it meets the requirements described in the […]

Stamped Duplicates Have New Features

Stamped Duplicates of your registration applications may now be printed directly from the ADGA Member Services website. Printing of the Stamped Duplicates may be done at the end of the Goat Registration process or at the Goat Lookup service. The Stamped Duplicate will be available for download up to 30 days after registration. Depending on […]

News from 2016 ADGA Meeting Austin-Texas

ADGA Board elects new Executive Committee President: Ken Feaster-Eytchison (Director District 7-Idaho) First Vice President: Philip Cassette (Director District 1-Maine) Second Vice President: Tom Cox (Director District 1- Maine) Member-At-Large: Melissa O’Rourke (Director District 4-Iowa) Immediate Past President: Robin Saum (Director District 4-Ohio)    


PREMIER YOUTH EXHIBITORS Senior Premier Youth Exhibitor:    Jackson N, Cleveland NC Junior Premier Youth Exhibitor:    Julia U – Basom NY Alpine Premier Youth Exhibitor:   H. Wyett J, Newport PA LaMancha Premier Youth Exhibitor:   Julia U, Basom NY Nigerian Dwarf Premier Youth Exhibitor:   Casey B, Mooresboro, NC Nubian Premier Youth Exhibitor: […]


Premier Sponsor of the 2016 ADGA National Show   Platinum Sponsors of the 2016 ADGA National Show Gold Sponsors of the 2016 ADGA National Show 2016 ADGA NATIONAL SHOW AWARDS   HERDSMAN:   Greg & Vicki Larson & Family, Colorado – Sponsored by Dairy Goat Journal DISTANT HERD:  Sonia Thyssen, Washington – Sponsored by Robert Cassette In Memory of Evelyn Cassette […]


Premier Sponsor of the 2016 ADGA National Show   Platinum Sponsors of the 2016 ADGA National Show Gold Sponsors of the 2016 ADGA National Show RECORDED GRADE SHOW RESULTS JUDGE Consultant Aaron J. Carter Peter Snyder Junior Does Senior Does Total Judged 70 76 146 Grand Champion:  GCH CHERRY GLEN GENTRY BRIDGET Exhibitor:  CHERRY GLEN Breeder:  Diane Kirsch & […]