Postal Ballot 1516-5

The following Postal Ballot has passed. 22 yes, 9 no.  No abstentions.  No votes:  Altheide, Bryan, Cassette, D. Considine, Ellis, Henning, Reyna, Strickland, Tredway. ONLINE RATES FOR ALL 2016 NATIONAL SHOW ENTRIES Sponsored by:   Ken Feaster-Eytchison, Caroline Lawson, Lynn Fleming, Marshall Losey, Kaye White,  Ellen Dorsey Proposal:        We recommend charging the online rate for all 2016 […]

2016 Committee Reports and Board Summary

For the Most Recent Reports see: ADGA Committee Reports 2016 Board Summary 2016-17 Committees COMMITTEE REPORTS Advanced Judges Committee Mid Year Year End Annual Meeting Committee Mid Year Year End Annual Meeting Long Range Mid Year Year End Annual Meeting Youth Activities Mid Year Year End Awards Committee Mid Year Year End Breed Standards Committee Mid […]

2014-2015 Board of Directors

The 2014-2015 ADGA Board of Directors The year designation at the end of the name represents term expiration. Directors serve 3 years and are eligible for reelection. 2014-2015 Board of Directors District One – Northeastern (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire. Rhode Island, Vermont, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec) Thomas G. Cox (2017) Philip M. Cassette […]


This Postal Ballot has passed, please see details below. POSTAL BALLOT 1415-8  Voting Deadline is July 23, 2015. SUSPEND THE $3.00 PER GOAT MAIL-IN REGISTRATION FEE AND CHARGE MEMBERS THE LOWER, ONLINE REGISTRATION FEE. Sponsored by        Caroline Lawson, Kevin Kinney, Karen Smith, Julie Matthys, Lynn Fleming, Peter Snyder, Melissa O’Rourke, R. Cole Younger Proposal              Mail-in […]


Thes Postal Ballot has passed, details below. POSTAL BALLOT 1415-7  COMMENT & VOTING PERIOD July 9-23, 2015 Voting Deadline is July 23, 2015. Vote Yes (Agree) or No (Disagree) to Each Part. PART A – SUSPEND $2 FEE FOR STAMPED DUPLICATES UNTIL 8/1/15 PART B – PROVIDE FREE SUBSCRIPTION REPORTS TO ALL MEMBERS Sponsored by:  […]

2015 ADGA Mid-Year Report – Shows Committee

 2015 ADGA MID YEAR REPORT FOR SHOWS COMMITTEE  Committee Chairperson:  Anna Thompson Hajdik Committee Members: Mary Adamson, Jane Bailey, Lisa Begley, Jennifer Bice, June Bryan, Teresa Casselman, Ed Cavanaugh, Tom Considine, Thomas Cox, Leslie Diaz, Cindy Eslava, Lynn Fleming, David Funk, Martha Griner, Kevin Kinney, Don Marston, Julie Matthys, Gwen Musselmen, Cliff Parker, Trinity Malmanis, […]

2015 ADGA Mid-Year Report – Registration Committee

ADGA MID-YEAR REPORT                                                             March 13, 2015 Committee: Registration Committee Chair: George R. Altheide Committee Member: Casselman, Teresa, Clarke, Rebekah, Considine, Daniel, Gould, Ellen, Myer Greta, Nixon, Sheila, Parker, Cliff, Payne, Kelsey, Peace, David, Rowe, Joan Dean, Smith Malmanis, Trinity Maia, Rupchis, Benjamin, Taylor, Tamara: Ex-officio members Saum, Robin, McKenzie, Shirley, Goals and Objectives for the Year: […]

2015 ADGA Mid-Year Report – Production Testing Committee

Mid-Year Report   – period ending 03/31/2015 (prepared 4/16/2015) Committee: Production Testing Committee Co-Chairs: Joan Dean Rowe, DVM & Karen Torrence Committee Members: Lynn Benedict, Scott Bice, Karen Butler, Linda Grilli Calhoun, Daniel Considine, Margie Dykstra, Sara Koehn-Walberg, Vickie Larson, Laura Lovett, Krista Myers, Joe Pietrangelo, Robin Saum, Michaela Sievers, Merle Vanderweyst, Suzanne Veilleux, Ruth Weaver, […]