Membership Renewal

For New Membership please visit ADGA New Membership Options Not sure why to become an ADGA Member? Visit ADGA Membership Benefits After you become an ADGA Member, apply for a PIN to access member services online ADGA Membership Renewal Printable Form to mail or FAX Membership Renewal Form 582KB

Stamped Duplicates Have New Features

Stamped Duplicates of your registration applications may now be printed directly from the ADGA Member Services website. Printing of the Stamped Duplicates may be done at the end of the Goat Registration process or at the Goat Lookup service. The Stamped Duplicate will be available for download up to 30 days after registration. Depending on […]

Registration Information for Nigerian Breeders

Joining ADGA: Many of you are already members of the American Dairy Goat Association as well as the American Goat Society and/or the Canadian Goat Society. We would suggest that those of you who are not members of ADGA, consider joining. New Member Application. This will get you several things. You will establish your Herd […]