Linear Appraisal Resources

Note:  Search Knowledgebase for additional related articles. To download Linear Applications, go to the ADGA Forms page. For a description of the linear program, the linear and structural traits, final category information and miscellaneous codes: Linear Appraisal Booklet (the “Blue Book”) LA_BOOKLET For a description of the linear program with regard to training, field practices, and […]


You can find number of online forms and downloadable pdf formats on  See the menu link for Forms for complete list or search for specific topics. General Forms AI Memo – pdf Service Memo – pdf Registration Application – pdf Certificate of Identification Application – pdf Tattoo Revision Request Online Web Form   Tattoo Revision Request – […]

Seeing a dairy goat ‘ by the numbers’

[Information contained in this article is derived from the Performance Programs materials developed and copyrighted by the American Dairy Goat Association and may not be reprinted or duplicated without permission.]  ADGA’s linear appraisal program evaluates individual type traits that affect structural and functional durability.  This allows users of the program to take full advantage of […]

Steps to Genetic Success with Dairy Goats

Author: Elizabeth Henning, Chair  ADGA Genetic Advancement Committee This article will focus on the steps a breeder needs to take to obtain the genetic information on his/her own goats that will enable use of the numbers to make genetic progress. Two terms used in genetics that are important to understand are “phenotype” and “genotype.”  Put […]

Breeding By the Numbers

Author:  Mark V. Baden, ADGA Genetic Advancement Committee Member “A beautiful oil painting the first time you try” was the claim of the Craft Master paint-kits when first marketed in 1950. Commonly termed, Paint by Number Kits, are boards on which light colored lines indicate areas to paint, each area having a number and a […]

ADGA Plus Information

The PEDIGREE MAKER! See 2017 to date List   2018 will be added in January DHIR, LINEAR APPRAISAL AND DNA MARKER TESTING IN ONE PACKAGE!   Access enrollment forms here, scroll down to the performance programs section.  The DHIR form has the ADGAPlus add-on. Includes 3 pre-paid DNA marker tests at a reduced rate (when you are ready to […]

Linear Appraisal Schedule

2018 TENTATIVE SCHEDULE FIND A HOST HERD (available starting 12-11) The optional Youngstock program has been suspended for 2018. The following dates are subject to change but hopefully as little as possible, as trips are planned, appraiser availability changes, and geographical areas are organized for sessions. There will also be some shifting in order to accommodate everyone. Use […]