Dairy Goats Consigned to the Spotlight Sale 2017

The ADGA Spotlight Sale 2017 with be held on Saturday evening, October 28, 2017 at the ADGA Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more about what the Spotlight Sale is, what happens there and how you can buy an outstanding dairy goat see: What is the Spotlight Sale?

Take a look now at the gorgeous dairy goats available to improve your dairy goat herd. This list will help you do your research to decide which of these fine dairy goats you will be taking home after the sale.

Dairy Goats For Sale at the Spotlight Sale 2017

Spotlight Sale 2017
Sherpani Jester KhaosBuckRenee and Jessica Fish
Pleasant-Grove RR RosarioDoeCraig Koopman
Majenli EC JewelDoeTerri Sines
Mint Leaf One Starry KnightBuckJulie and Kyle Matthys
Here Be Goats Mai VerdadesDoeKelley Hines
Hidden Palms JD La BohemeDoeHidden Palms Farm
Antiquity Dr Jamaica Me CrazyDoeRichard Grossman
Old Mountain Farm BrainstormBuckCheryle Moore Smith
Jacob's Pride HH 4ever My LoveDoeDeb Emholtz
Jacob's Pride HH 4ever In LoveBuckDeb Emholtz
Haycreeks Uptown TambourineDoeMorgan Allen
Devonshire IJR Dance a JigDoeElizabeth Kennelley
Old English xxxxDoeCarol Mann
Old English xxxxxBuckCarol Mann
Pleasant-Grove Sims SwooningDoeCraig Koopman
Springfield Oaks HW JuniperBuckElizabeth Henning
Kickapoo Valley JDC JenahDoeGriffin Jodlowski
Kickapoo Valley Mocha JamborryBuckGriffin & Jodlowski Family
Evie's Toggs Thrill's PoppieDoeEvelyn Harry
Dairy Delight Swiss EleganceDoeJulie Matthys
Bar XX Rocky MarvelBuckJohn and Leslie Cardoza