Dairy Goats Consigned to the Spotlight Sale 2017

The ADGA Spotlight Sale 2017 with be held on Saturday evening, October 28, 2017 at the ADGA Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more about what the Spotlight Sale is, what happens there and how you can buy an outstanding dairy goat see: What is the Spotlight Sale?

Take a look now at the gorgeous dairy goats available to improve your dairy goat herd. This list will help you do your research to decide which of these fine dairy goats you will be taking home after the sale.

Proxy Bidding is Available

To place proxy bids or ask questions about bidding contact ADGA Association Manager, Shirley McKenzie. When mailing a bid to her you should specify the top price you are willing to pay for your selection and include a check or money order for that amount or credit card number with expiration date. All bids are held in strict confidence.

Pedigree Search

You can investigate the pedigrees further by visiting our ADGA Genetics site or if you are an ADGA Member you may use Lookup Goat in ADGA Member Services

Dairy Goats For Sale at the Spotlight Sale 2017

Spotlight Sale 2017
NameSexRegistration IDDate of BirthPedigreeConsignor
Pleasant-Grove RR RosarioDoeA181102102/21/2016Sire: CH Marran Rose's Rochester
Dam: Autumn-Acres My Wisteria
Craig Koopmann
*B Sherpani Jester KhaosBuckAA185547504/23/2017Sire: *B Redwood Hills X-Rated Jester
Dam: 1*M SGCH Heavenly Dairy Kassie
Renee and Jessica Fish
Majenli EC JewelDoeL184903403/10/2017Sire: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids TS Eliot
Dam: 1*M GCH Majenli Cleopatra
Terri Sines
Mint*Leaf One Starry KnightBuckL185225102/23/2017Sire: Mint*Leaf Silverado
Dam: CH Mint*Leaf Enchanted
Julie and Kyle Matthys
Here Be Goats Mai VerdadesDoeL184165502/10/2017Sire: *B Kastdemur's Valegro
Dam: 2*M Here Be Goats Decisive Moment
Kelley Hines
Hidden Palms JD La BohemeDoeD183628411/28/2016Sire: *B CH Farm Oldesouth SD James Dean
Dam: 5*M Rosasharn RS B My Opera Star
Hidden Palms Farm
Antiquity Dr Jamaica Me CrazyDoeD185500003/26/2017Sire: Dreahook RS Rocket Snapdragon
Dam: 2*M SG Antiquity Dubai
Richard Grossman
Old Mountain Farm BrainstormBuckD186430305/12/2017Sire: ++B SG Old Mountain Farm Stag
Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm Rainedaywomn
Cheryle Moore Smith
Jacobs Pride HH 4Ever My LoveDoeN187332102/28/2017Sire: *B Jacobs Pride Tootn Howard Huge
Dam: Jacobs Pride Hotsy Totsy 4Ever
Deb Emholtz
Jacobs Pride HH 4Ever In LoveBuckN187332002/28/2017Sire: *B Jacobs Pride Tootn Howard Huge
Dam: Jacobs Pride Hotsy Totsy 4Ever
Deb Emholtz
Haycreeks Uptown TambourineDoeAB186697304/09/2017Sire: Haycreeks Uptown Funk
Dam: Haycreeks Solution Tenley
Morgan Allen
Devonshire IJR Dance A JigDoeAB188069605/18/2017Sire: *B Devonshire MRP Ruffian
Dam: CH Devonshire CD Irish Jig
Elizabeth Kennelley
Old-English Gypsy RoseDoeAS188382405/21/2017Sire: *B CH Old-English Finnian
Dam: Cisco DEC V8 Xena
Carol Mann
*B Old-English JaguarBuckAS188387004/26/2017Sire: *B Sartyr Drifter Treviator
Dam: 6*M SGCH Old-English Dianna
Carol Mann
Pleasant-Grove Sims SwooningDoeAS186146102/05/2016Sire: Pleasant-Grove Max Sims
Dam: Pleasant-Grove I Got Skillz
Craig Koopmann
*B Springfield Oaks HW JuniperBuckAC184274803/02/2017Sire: Springfield-Oaks CG Hawkeye
Dam: 16*M SG Springfield-Oaks CG Fresca
Elizabeth Henning
Kickapoo Valley JDC JenahDoeAC184654802/26/2017Sire: *B Joash PBB Dutch Chocolate
Dam: Klisse's Kooh Huldah
Griffin Jodlowski
Kickapoo Valley Mocha JamborryBuckC186110702/21/2017Sire: *B Joash PBB Dutch Chocolate
Dam: Joash JCB Mochaberry
Griffin Jodlowski
Evie's Toggs Thrill's PoppieDoeT186289504/17/2017Sire: *B Evie's Toggs Storm's Thriller
Dam: 1*M GCH Evie's Toggs Storm's Pantera
Evelyn Harry
Dairy Delight Swiss EleganceDoeAT185216102/07/2017Sire: Dairy-Delight High Definition
Dam: 1*M GCH Springcreek-Toggs SDBF Kricket
Julie Matthys
*B Bar XX Rocky MarvelBuckAT186778502/22/2017Sire: *B Bar XX Rialto Rocky
Dam: 11*M GCH Bar XX Diablo Melody
John and Leslie Cardoza