Frequently Used Dairy Goat Acronyms

Dairy goat owners use a lot of acronyms!  Below are some of those that are frequently heard at dairy goat shows and other dairy goat events or seen on registration papers and performance pedigrees.  Do you have suggestions for acronym additions?  Let us know!

GeneralOrganizations and Agencies

 General Dairy Goat Acronyms

+ – Good Plus (Linear)

+B  – Plus Buck earned from offspring production information

*B  – Star Buck awarded from parent production information

*M – Star Milker

A – Acceptable (Linear)

AI – Artificial Insemination

AM – American (Herdbook)

AR – Advanced Registry Milk Awards

AS1C – Alpha S1 Casein

BDIS – Best Doe in Show

BOB – Best of Breed

BOS – Best of Show

BU – Best Udder

BUOB  – Best Udder of Breed

BUOS – Best Udder of Show

CAE – Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis

CL – Caseous Lymphadenitis

CH  – Champion

D/AV – Daughter Average

D – Dam

DHI – Dairy Herd Improvement

DHIA – Dairy Herd Improvement Association

DHIR – Dairy Herd Improvement Registry

DIM – Days in Milk

DNA – Deoxyribonucleic Acid

DRPC – Dairy Records Processing Center

E – Excellent (Linear)

EC – ADGA Executive Committee

EC – Extremely Correct (Linear)

ET – Embryo Transfer

ETA – Estimated Transmitting Ability

F – Fair (Linear)

FS – Final Score (Linear)

G6-S – G6-Sulfatase Deficiency

GCH – Grand Champion

ITP – Innovative Test Plan (non traditional DHI plans accepted by ADGA – see DHI Glossary)

JCH – Junior Champion

LA – Linear Appraisal

MSL – Medial Suspensory Ligament

NOA – Native on Appearance

OS – Owner Sampler test plan – see FAQ section for DHIR

P – Poor (Linear)

PB – Purebred (Herdbook)

PTA – Predicted Transmitting Ability

PTI – Production Type Index

RCH – Reserve Champion

REL – Reliability

RG – Recorded Grade

ROA – Report of Awards

RT – Reproductive Technologies

S – Sire

SG – Superior Genetics

SGCH- Superior Genetics Grand Champion

ST – Star Volume Milk Awards

(J)TC – Judges Training Conference

(Pre)TC – Pre Judges Training Conference

VG – Very Good (Linear)

VT – Verification Test

Organizations and Agencies

AASRP – American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners

ACH – American Cheese Society

ADGA – American Dairy Goat Association

AGF – American Goat Federation

AGIL – Animal Genomics & Improvement Laboratory

AGS – American Goat Society

AI –  Alpines International

AIPL – Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory

ALBC – American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

ALC – American LaMancha Club

ANDDA – American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association

APHIS – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

BGS – British Goat Society

CDCB – Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding

CGS – Canadian Goat Society

GGBOA – Guernsey Goat Breeders of America

IGA – International Goat Association

INBA – International Nubian Breeders Association

ISBA – International Sable Breeders Association

NCDHIP – National Cooperative Dairy Herd Improvement Program

NLPA – National Livestock Producers Association

NPLC – National Pedigreed Livestock Council

NSBA – National Saanen Breeders Association

NTC – National Toggenburg Club

OBA – Oberhasli Breeders of America

OGC – Oberhasli Goat Club

USAHA – United States Animal Health Association

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

VGL – UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory

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