LA Refresher 2016

The Training behind the Program

It is  the responsibility of the LA committee, appraisers and ADGA staff to train and develop appraisers to perform their duties to desired standards.  Once these appraisers or trainees arrive at a Linear Appraisal session site, there is assurance that they have received the preparation to provide ADGA members with accurate and beneficial evaluations.

Currently, the ADGA Linear Appraisal program consists of 9 Appraisers, 1 Appraiser Trainee, a Linear Appraisal Committee, and ADGA support staff.

How are appraisal skills developed and advanced? Good training requires a good system. In terms of ADGA’s appraisal program, that system is a training, refresher and monitoring program.

The goal of training and monitoring is quality assurance, measured by the accuracy and uniformity of evaluations to a desired and developed standard. In addition, public relations, information value, and member satisfaction are very important indicators.

Several means are available to administer the performance of appraisers and the program:

  • analysis of questionnaires submitted by herdowners
  • member feedback received through phone calls, farm visits, and correspondence
  • analyses for all scores and traits for each appraiser and the program as a whole
  • appraiser feedback

Besides these tools, the program brings all appraisers together for a minimum of two to three days on an annual basis. A 2 day required refresher workshop is held once a year with all appraisers attending.  Training workshops are held as needed.

The annual refresher session adds to the training and field expertise through:

  1. identification of trends and biases
  2. review of the skills needed to go back into the field and continually improve upon individual performance
  3. maintaining consistency through immediate feedback from all program perspectives
  4. underscoring program goals
  5. identifying employee issues

Photos courtesy of J. Carlson & L. Shepard

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