Linear Appraisal Schedule


Applications now only accepted on a case by case basis.  Almost all trips (except those late in the year) have filled up for 2017.


The optional Youngstock program has been suspended for 2017.

The following dates are subject to change but hopefully as little as possible, as trips are planned, appraiser availability changes, and geographical areas are organized for sessions. There will also be some shifting in order to accommodate everyone. Use the maps as the guide as there is more detail than the general areas listed below in the table.  For locations not mapped, please contact ADGA for options.  There are areas that were visited in 2016 that won’t be on the 2017 schedule.  Appraisers will be listed following the late February refresher session and at that time the schedule less likely to change.

We will start a page with available hosts in the membership area beginning late next week.  As 2017 will be difficult, we need everyone to help by trying to consolidate the stops as much as possible/practical.  Thank you!

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Region # General Area Appraiser Tent Dates
15 TX  K. Smith Apr 7 -19
19 TN  J. Tereba April 18-22
20 GA/TN  E. Jermain Apr 22 – May 4
28 FL  B. Bartholomew May 1-11
18 KY/WV  K. Smith May 4 – 16
13 MO/KS  E. Jermain May 13 -24
21 W. NC  E. Henning May 15 -19
4 S.CA  S. Whiteside Jun 6-15
3 N.CA  M. Baden Jun 10-18
5 E.WA  E. Jermain Jun 11 -22
1 W.WA  K. Smith Jun 11 -22
9 AZ   B. Rupchis Jun 13-18
7 UT/NM  E. Henning Jun 16-20
26 MID ATL  B. Bartholomew Jun 16 -24
2 OR  J. Tereba Jun 19-Jul 1
25 PA  S. Whiteside July 1-7
10 MN   E. Henning Jul 17-21
27 E. NC  E. Jermain Jul 20-31
24 NY  K. Smith Jul 20-31
22 AL/MS  TBA Aug 1-10
12 IA/MN  E. Jermain Aug 5-18
6 ID  E. Henning Aug 12-16
8 CO  S. Whiteside Aug 10-18
23 NEW ENG  K. Smith Aug 11-22
17 IN/OH  E. Jermain Aug 28 – Sep 11
14 OK  E. Henning Sep 1-5
11 MN/WI  K. Smith Sep 12-24
16 MI  K. Smith Oct 1-12