American Dairy Goat Association

American Dairy Goat Association

2015 ADGA National Show

To our valued members,

ADGA is presently undergoing conversion of its data systems to a cloud infrastructure, as well as developing a new website with updated member services. ADGA office staff is able to process registrations and other member services. We are focusing our efforts on opening the new ADGA website, and hope to report more good news to you very soon.

ADGA Board has passed a postal ballot measure to allow the Stamped Duplicate Application for Registration in lieu of the Registration Certificate through August 1, 2015 for goats of all ages. Stamped duplicates issued previously this year, and bearing the statement "Valid for 30 Days" will also be valid until August 1 under this emergency rule.

We appreciate your patience as we have worked to create a new website at Any changes or updates will be posted here and in Social Media.

American Dairy Goat Association
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The Board of Directors voted to charge the online rate for all 2015 ADGA National Show entries, including those mailed to the ADGA office. Entries received prior to the passage of this postal ballot will have the rate difference credited to the member's account.

Due to a recent Oracle upgrade, which delayed progress on the member services section of ADGA’s new website, online entry for the 2015 National Show will Not be an option.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please submit your entries (download forms at ) via fax, email, or mail postmarked no later than Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

The Board of Directors has voted to allow online rates for all 2015 ADGA National Show entries. Remember that Stamped Duplicate applications will be accepted in lieu of the Registration / Recordation Certificate at the National Show for goats of all ages. Stamped duplicates issued previously and bearing the statement "Valid for 30 Days" will also be valid under this emergency provision.

National Show Entries (as of 06/30/2015)
Goat Registration Form
AI Memo
Service Memo
2015 ADGA Primary Election Results
Herd Name Application
Regular / Youth Membership Application
Associate / Affiliate Membership
Buck Lease Memorandum
Doe Lease Memorandum
Tattoo Revision
Native on Appearance Statement
Schedule of Rates
Sanctioned Show List (06-15-2015)
Show Sanction Application
2015 ADGA Judges