Online Registration Application – Beta Testing

The online registration function of member services is currently  in Beta testing . Registrations that are processed successfully will produce a registration number, and the appropriate charge will be processed.  If you experience problems, please submit a support ticket so that we can assist with resolving.  Please do not call the office to report the problems, as staff will not be able to directly assist.  This function may be disabled if necessary for resolutions to be applied.

The following message has been provided to all ADGA members with Email addresses on file:

To our valued members of ADGA, 

ADGA understands that it has been a real inconvenience to not be able to use the Online Registration (OLR) function on our new website. We had found some issues that needed further testing and fixes applied.   We would now like to open the function for our members to further test.  OLR is still in a beta testing environment, which means we expect there will be additional problems uncovered.  It may be necessary to disable the function without advance notice should we need to resolve any critical issues in functionality.  Although the web applications have been tested rigorously, we realize that more members testing will help identify any remaining problems.  

For our first day of testing, we are assessing some load impacts, which simply means we want to closely monitor things like response time for the database and the website itself.  It may become necessary to make some adjustments based on the results.  We ask for your assistance in helping us during this time by using a scaled approach for access.  Following is a sliding access recommendation, and using this approach will be very helpful during the first day of our launch tomorrow September 11, 2015. 

If you encounter an error you are not able to resolve, please DO NOT call the ADGA office with online issues as they will not be able to directly assist.  Instead, please send us a note through our Website Support link. This method will be helpful for us to investigate the error carefully.  Provide as much information about what you were doing and any error messages you received.  Any screenshots you can provide will be useful, as well. It is especially important that all website related error reporting be submitted only through our website support link or contact form, so that it can be distributed and reviewed quickly by the necessary parties.  

All times shown are US Eastern time zone.  If your last name begins with A-H, please only test from 8AM – 1PM. Last names beginning with I-P, please test from 1PM – 6PM, and last names beginning with Q-Z, please test from 5PM – 10PM.   After 10PM and until further notice, everyone can test.  We understand that these times may not be the most convenient for your schedule, but it will help us better serve you if at least the majority of members can accommodate this request. 

Before you begin using the applications, we recommend clearing your browser cache. This will ensure you are using the latest application on the system, instead of a copy which may have been previously saved to your local computer. Instructions for clearing your browser cache can be found by using any search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.) with the keywords “<Browser> clear cache” with <Browser> being the name of the browser you are using. 

Please note that if you successfully complete a registration, you will see a registration number for the animal you submitted, and if you requested it, a stamped duplicate will be generated (stamped duplicates are sent via email – check your spam filters if they don’t appear in your inbox).  Your account will be charged, and the registration will be processed (pending any critical error that might prevent that from happening).  You may not see the transaction posted to your online account immediately. (Please note that some users have reported inability to view their account history and other functions when using Internet Explorer if has been added to ‘compatibility view’.  See more information in our article Using Internet Explorer on 

Thank you for your help as we move forward with the new OLR and other functions available when you create a web account at!   For an overview of Member Services, please read more information here.  To help ADGA dedicate as much time as possible to the current backlog of registrations and transfers, we very much appreciate communications by the dedicated links above, when possible. This will give us a chance to research issues and provide you with appropriate details without keeping you waiting on the phone during the time we are looking for answers to your questions.  

We appreciate your membership in ADGA and look forward to improving and increasing our online services in the coming year.  Thanks to all for sending your feedback – both negative and positive.  We are working to incorporate suggestions to make the new website a useful tool for ADGA members.