Return Director Ballot Immediately

If you are an ADGA member and are eligible to vote, you should have received your ballot by mail or will soon. The CPA must receive marked ballot by Monday, August 10 to be counted.

Please mail your completed ballot immediately upon receipt. Recent delays in the mail system make it more important than ever that you promptly return your ballot in order for it to be counted.

Not every ADGA membership is eligible to vote and you must have created or renewed your membership in time to appear in the ADGA Membership Directory. If you are an eligible ADGA member and have not received a ballot, you can contact ADGA or call during our modified business hours.

Outer Envelope Opened and Resealed

The edge of the outer Director Ballot envelope you receive will have been opened and resealed. The envelope was not tampered with during mailing. The enclosed smaller envelope which will hold the ballot when returned was originally omitted. The outer envelope had to be opened by the mailing house to insert the smaller envelope before it was mailed to you.

Every election there are several invalid ballots because instructions are not followed or the candidate is not eligible. Please pay careful attention to the instructions included with your ballot and insure that your returned ballot arrives at the CPA no later than Monday, August 10.