Welcome to the new ADGA.org!

The New ADGA Website

We’re very pleased to release our newly developed ADGA.org website! Take a few minutes to look around! Things may be in a different location than you are accustomed to, but if you can’t find something, use the Search at the top of every page to quickly locate!

While we are still working on new additions to the site, we have many pieces of information and functions available for your use. As we grow, there will be new sections in our Knowledgebase and new options under Member Services.

Just as on our previous website, you will need to login to use the many features of Member Services, such as registering your dairy goats. If you did not recently receive an email with your username, you will need to create a new web account. If you do not remember your PIN, just send us a note through the Contact form and we’ll get that to you so that you can begin accessing the new Member Services portal.

We have worked closely with Lucky Hat Studios to design a site that is attractive, easy to use and will grow with us in the future.  It is a work in progress!

We had hoped to have all components of our new website ready to use when we launched it, but unfortunately there are still some things that need more work.  We know our members really want to try out the new online registration application, but it is still getting some changes completed.   We’re hopeful it will be ready to go soon!  We’ll announce it on our Facebook page as soon as it is ready for you to use!

Check back often to find new features and read the latest ADGA News!  You can click on the News tab at the top of every page to find what’s new when you visit.

Our sincerest thanks to all of our valued members who have been so patiently waiting for the new site to emerge. The process has been a lot longer than we had planned, but there have been many changes in the past few months.  In addition to the development of the  new website, we also have developed all new member services applications (such as online registration) written in a new code.   Since these applications were built from the ground up, a lot of testing is necessary to ensure everything is functioning as expected.  As with any software developments, there will continue to be bugs to identify and resolve.  We  appreciate your help with reporting issues you might encounter.  Please use our contact page to send a note to our Website Issues and Suggestions department.   Please tell us as much as you can about the problem (such as what you were doing when you had the problem; any error messages you received, and what browser you are using). We appreciate your contact by email when possible.  It helps us with tracking correspondence and more easily logging your feedback.   It also gives our staff more time to be  processing your work as quickly as possible!

In addition to the new website and new member services programs, we have also moved to a new hosting provider and have significantly increased resources available for faster access and response time for the website.  And if all of that weren’t enough to keep us busy the past few months, we have also completed a major change as we migrated our ROSS (our proprietary registration software) system to a new cloud server!  Previously, the database server was physically residing at our location in Spindale NC.  The move to the cloud is expected to allow us to better serve our members in many ways, including giving us the ability to expand quickly as needed.  The old hardware and system served a long and useful life, but we needed to upgrade to meet the growing needs of our members, and the cloud infrastructure will be an improvement.

The combination of all of these changes has made for a very complex and time consuming multi-faceted project requiring coordination between multiple vendors and development teams for specific work, as each team had an area of expertise.  Making it all come together and have the final result seamless  was challenging!    But, we have worked steadily to get all of the pieces in place and ready for our members to use.  We know everything still isn’t perfect, and we’re sure you will find errors to report!  We know we will need improvements and changes will be made constantly.  We look forward to hearing your suggestions for new additions.  First, however, we want to focus on getting all of the member services applications properly functioning, so that is our priority  right now.  Enhancements and improvements will quickly follow!

Thank you again for your support and for your membership in ADGA !  We’re here to serve you!