Youth Representative Application

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Youth Representative Entry Form

Name ___________________________________________________ Age (16-20) ___________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip__________________________________________________________________

Phone ________________________________ Email__________________________________

School ___________________________________________________________ Grade _______

Are you a member of ADGA? _________ Number of years involved with dairy goats? _______

Number of goats? _______ Breeds__________________________________________________

Please type in list format, concise answers to the following items on a separate sheet of paper (limit to top ten).

1. List your major achievements or activities in school, church, and community.

2. List major activities in 4-H or FFA.

3. What career do you plan to pursue?

4. List outstanding achievements with dairy goats.

5. How did you become involved with dairy goats?

6. What are your future plans regarding the dairy goat?

7. Summarize a humorous experience involving the dairy goat.

8. What does being the ADGA Youth Representative mean to you?

Selection Process

• Present speech at ADGA Youth Banquet (topic assigned to you at Convention)

• Answer one impromptu question from judges

• Individual interview at convention prior to youth banquet


The ADGA Youth Representative MUST attend and assist with activities at the following events

(travel expenses, lodging, and per diem provided):

 ADGA National Show (mid-summer)

 ADGA National Convention (mid-October)

The ADGA Youth Representative is expected to:

 Coordinate and submit information quarterly to the ADGA Administrative Assistant for one full youth page in the ADGA News & Events

 Complete a scrapbook of the year’s activities for display at the Convention

Other suggestions for representing ADGA:

 Attend local shows or fairs and offer your assistance

 Attend trade shows (e.g., set up a booth, present a speech)

 Promotional activities (e.g., visit schools, ag events)

 Possess a strong knowledge of dairy goats and the American Dairy Goat Association

Send application to:

Youth Committee Chair  (listed in the ADGA Membership Directory) or contact ADGA  if you  need the name and address.

If mailing, be sure your application arrives no later than one week before the ADGA Convention. You can also deliver in person at the Convention to the Youth Committee Chair.