Article VII. Section 5(a).

  • On or before July 15, the Secretary-Treasurer shall send ballots with return envelopes to all Members, exercising due care that each Member shall be provided with the ballot intended for the Directorial District in which the Member resides; and he/she shall instruct the Member to return his/her ballot in the addressed return envelope. No ballots received after the second Monday in August will be counted. On the next business day, the same Certified Public Accountant appointed for the primary balloting shall complete tabulation of the sealed voting ballots. The eligible candidates receiving the highest number of votes in each District shall be declared elected.  Ballots containing votes for a greater number of candidates than there are vacancies shall be void.

Ballot count observers



  1. Must be a current member of ADGA eligible to vote in this election and at least 21 years of age.
  2. Must submit a written request to the ADGA Association Manager 15 to 30 days prior to close of voting for the election they wish to observe.
  3. Will be notified of the date, time, and location of vote count by the ADGA Association Manager.  A list of selected observers will be published on the ADGA website.
  4. May make written notes while observing vote count, but may not make comments to tellers or any other individuals during the count.
  5. May leave the counting area temporarily, but may not go so frequently as to disturb the counting of votes.
  6. May not have a cell phone or other forms of electronic devices in the counting area at any time.
  7. Shall not communicate the election results until they are finalized, the candidates are notified and the election results are posted on the ADGA website or 96 hours after the count.  Communicating results prior to this time may constitute Conduct Detrimental to the Association.
  8. Must notify the ADGA Association Manager within 48 hours of any irregularity observed during counting. The irregularity shall only deal with the procedure, not the actual count.
  9. Observers limited to two per district. If more than two per district apply, the ADGA Executive Committee will select by postmark or drawing.
  10. Should total number of Observers exceed space availability; the number per district will be lowered to one.