ADGA Board of Directors Election Procedures

This is a summary of American Dairy Goat Association election procedures for District Directors. The current and complete procedures are specified in the ADGA Guidebook.

Primary Election

Primary ballots for the ADGA Director Elections are mailed on or before May 1 of each year to all regular members with active memberships as of March 1. Any person holding an individual membership effective as of March 1, is at least 21 years of age, and living in the appropriate district, is eligible to be a candidate.

Voting members are directed to nominate one (1) candidate for each vacancy and return their ballot to arrive at the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) office by the first Monday in June.

From the CPA’s report, the ADGA Executive Director designate two candidates for each vacancy from those receiving the highest number of votes from each district, provided they are eligible and haven’t declined the nomination. In the event a candidate declines nomination, the eligible candidate who received the next highest number of votes will be considered.

By 10:oo am Eastern on the next business day following the election counting, early tabulation results will be posted on The verified results will be posted two days later. Candidates who have accepted the nomination be indicated with an asterisk (*) and will appear on the general election ballot.

General Election

Ballots for the general election will be mailed on or before July 15 and must be received by the CPA no later than the second Monday in August. As with the primary election, ballots received that do not follow the voting instructions will be void. The most common reason for a ballot being voided is not putting the signature in the outer return envelope.

Eligible candidates receiving the highest number of votes in each District shall be declared elected. Elected candidates take office at the beginning of the Annual Meeting which occurs during Annual Convention in October or November.

By 10:00 am Eastern on the next business day following the election counting, early tabulation results will be posted on The verified results will be posted two days later.

General Election Voting Instructions PDF

Ballot Count Observers

The primary and general election ballots are counted by an independent Certified Public Account office in a separate town and county from the ADGA office and has no other connection or interest in the Association. A representative of the ADGA office is present to verify Association procedures are being followed.

ADGA Members who meet the election protocol guidelines specified in the ADGA Guidebook may observe the ballot counting. A written request must be received by the Executive Director no less than 15 days prior to the election and space available in the room where ballots are counted is very limited.

Observer Requirements

  1. Must be a current member of ADGA eligible to vote in this election and at least 21 years of age.
  2. Must submit a written request to the ADGA Executive Director 15 to 30 days prior to close of voting for the election they wish to observe.
  3. Will be notified of the date, time, and location of vote count by the ADGA Association Manager.  A list of selected observers will be published on the ADGA website.
  4. May make written notes while observing vote count, but may not make comments to tellers or any other individuals during the count.
  5. May leave the counting area temporarily, but may not go so frequently as to disturb the counting of votes.
  6. May not have a cell phone or other forms of electronic devices in the counting area at any time.
  7. Shall not communicate the election results until they are finalized, the candidates are notified and the election results are posted on the ADGA website or 96 hours after the count.
  8. Communicating results prior to this time may constitute Conduct Detrimental to the Association.
  9. Must notify the ADGA Executive Director within 48 hours of any irregularity observed during counting. The irregularity shall only deal with the procedure, not the actual count.
  10. Observers limited to two per district. If more than two per district apply, the ADGA Executive Committee will select by postmark or drawing.
  11. Should total number of Observers exceed space availability; the number per district will be lowered to one.
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