ADGA Board of Directors Election Procedures

Primary ballots for the ADGA directorship elections are mailed on or before May 1 of each year to all regular members with active memberships as of March 1. Any person holding an individual membership effective as of March 1, is at least 21 years of age, and living in the appropriate district, is eligible to be a candidate.

Voting members are directed to nominate one (1) candidate for each vacancy and return their ballot to arrive at the CPA’s office by the first Monday in June.

From the CPA’s report, the ADGA Secretary-Treasurer will draw up a slate of two (2) candidates for each vacancy from those receiving the highest number of votes from each district, provided they are eligible and haven’t declined the nomination. In the event a candidate declines nomination, the eligible candidate who received the next highest number of votes will be considered.

Ballots for the final election will be mailed on or before July 15 and must be received by the CPA no later than the second Monday in August. The winners will take office at the Convention in October.

An incumbent must also go through the complete process if their term ends in the current year and he/she is seeking reelection. He/she must first be nominated in the primary. In winning a nomination, he/she would be eligible to be included on the election ballot.