ADGA National Show Colorama Sale Results 2017

The Colorama Sale is held each year during the ADGA National Show and is an opportunity for breeders to improve their herd with high quality pedigrees and bloodlines. Transportation is ideal because most potential buyers already have trailers at the National Show for other animals they are showing.

This year’s Colorama Sale was held on July 14, 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin. Dennis Remsburg of Maryland was the Auctioneer. Make plans next year to choose the animal you would like to improve your herd and make a bid.

Colorama Sale 2017 Consignments


Animal: Windrush Farms Neo Indigo
Consignor: Keith, Lena, Evan & Reece Kunkle
New Owner: Mark Stevens
Price: $3,550.00

Animal: Maran Rochester Revalation
Consignor: Randy & Mary Adamson Family
New Owner: Ma’s Acres
Price: $1000.00


Animal: Majenli HH Jinx
Consignor: Terri L. Sines
New Owner: Val Merrit
Price: $1,850.00

Nigerian Dwarf

Animal: Heaven’s Hollow Impeccable
Consignor: Jill Thomas Whomble
New Owner: Carly Vinson
Price: $2,500

Animal: 3G Family Farm WM Cali Peach
Consignor: Erica Jean Illg
New Owner: Jeremy A. Bethel
Price: $850.00

Animal: Aubreys Acres Snow White
Consignor: Lauren A. Schifsky
New Owner: Violet Acres, Laura Nagel
Price: $2,300.00


Animal: J&M Hideaway WWS Wildest Dream
Consignor: Jackson Noble
New Owner: Kim Balkom Fox
Price: $4,200.00


Animal: Deidrago JMBuckwheat Boulevard
Consignor: Megan J. Okeson
New Owner: Dakota Hardin
Price: $4,550.00

Animal: Hayscreeks Sandman Francine
Consignor: Morgan Allen
New Owner: Suzanne Strong
Price: $3,500.00


Animal: Miss-Willa’s GEICO
Consignor: Miss Willa Hancock
New Owner: Diane Kirsch & Wayne Cullen
Price: $1,550.00


Animal: Can-Ter Vine JJ Lola
Consignor: Casey Prochniak
New Owner: Ellen Dorsey
Price:  $1,600.00

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