Performance Programs – Update 04-10-2020

Many of you are wondering about ADGA Performance Programs participation at this time.  Hopefully, this will help with the current status as well as provide some ideas to help get through this difficult time.

Linear Appraisal: Our linear sessions for April, May and most of June have been cancelled, and we will assess as we progress through the year.  Notices about this are under the Performance Programs – Linear Appraisal tab on the ADGA website.  Those members that have had or may have a cancellation are being contacted individually.

DNA testing services: Our contract lab, VGL, has made adjustments to their routines, but remains open at this time.  We are not experiencing any lag in services.  However, requests may take longer to process due to ADGA staff limitations.  The online request form is the best way to order DNA and is found in the Forms section of the ADGA website.

DHIR:  Following is information that you may find helpful.

  • The Executive Committee has waived the 150 maximum days in milk for verification tests for Owner Sampler herds.  You can schedule your VT at any time during the lactation year for your herd so can wait until the situation improves.  We do recommend that as soon as it is safe to do so, that you schedule this VT.
  • For supervised herds:
    • Consider stretching out your test interval – there is no requirement regarding numbers of days in milk between tests.  Visit the DHIR FAQ site for additional information.
    • Discuss options with your DHIA – possibly apps can be used for video supervision of tests.  We have heard from at least one that would consider such an alternative.
    • Scale calibration – just be sure and have it done this year and before your VT.
    • If you are not interested in Top Ten awards, you may want to consider going to an Owner Sampler plan.  Records would qualify for AR or ST *M dependent on the requirements in the guidebook.  Discuss options with your DHIA if you do not have a tester training document that would allow the use of the records for AR.
    • For herds concerned about management information, you can send in samples that are not part of your usual test schedule to the labs provided they are open for business.
    • Work with your testing lab to know any special scheduling they may be implementing.
    • Use this time to check your records – a checklist guide is available on the ADGA website.
  • Production records are being received as usual from CDCB for electronic upload at ADGA and we anticipate no change in the genetic evaluation schedule.
  • The Executive Committee will re-evaluate ADGA’s 2020 DHIR in 90 days as more information is known.
  • If you have questions, please send an email to .

We are acutely aware of the inconvenience this situation creates for you so request patience and understanding as we all work through this together.

Stay well,
ADGA Performance Programs Staff

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