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The American Dairy Goat Association Research Foundation announces the request for research proposals focused on the health, management, welfare, nutrition or productivity of dairy goats in the United States. The due date for applications is March 9, 2018 as noted in the guidelines; applications must be submitted by the close of the business day.  Proposals can be electronically mailed or faxed or sent to PO Box 475, Truchas, NM  87578.

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Please address any questions to:  Lisa Shepard, Administrative Staff or

In 1976, the American Dairy Goat Association Board of Directors, at their Annual Meeting, proposed and adopted the ADGA Research Foundation for the purpose of promoting and directing research and educational activities concerning dairy goats.  The Foundation is a non-profit corporation that serves as an independent arm of ADGA under the management of its Trustees with is own banking accounts.  The Foundation conducts its own business and is accountable to ADGA only for finances with an annual full report of its activities.  Trustees are appointed by the ADGA Executive Committee and serve for one year or until replaced.

All correspondence, including proposals for research based on the annually scheduled call, should be sent to Lisa Shepard, Administration Staff.  If a research proposal is approved and funds are available, money will be granted.  No further approval from the ADGA Board of Directors is required.

Tax deductible donations designated for the ADGA Research Foundation, may be sent directly to the ADGA Association Manager.  ADGA Research Foundation Grant Request forms are available from the Foundation Secretary and from ADGA.

ADGA Research Foundation Trustees

Dr. Paul J. Plummer
2426 Lloyd Veterinary Med Complex
Iowa State University
Ames IA  50001

Dr. Joan Dean Rowe
Vice President
24580 Cache Street
Capay CA  95607

Daniel J. Considine
N8873 Currie Road
Portage WI  53901

Dr. Mary Smith
275 Main Street Ext.
Freeville NY 13068

Dr. Brian Sayre
Virginia State University
1 Hayden Dr., Petersburg, VA 23806

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