Seeing a dairy goat ‘ by the numbers’

ADGA’s linear appraisal program evaluates individual type traits that affect structural and functional durability.  This allows users of the program to take full advantage of the potential for genetic improvement through selective breeding.  The program provides the framework for a uniform accurate record system that can be used in: Making farm management decisions Educational programs […]

Steps to Genetic Success with Dairy Goats

Author: Elizabeth Henning, Chair  ADGA Genetic Advancement Committee This article will focus on the steps a breeder needs to take to obtain the genetic information on his/her own goats that will enable use of the numbers to make genetic progress. Two terms used in genetics that are important to understand are “phenotype” and “genotype.”  Put […]

ADGA Genetics Website

ADGA Genetics is a website developed by Gene Dershewitz in cooperation with ADGA. Below  are some tools provided on that site. You will be leaving ADGA’s website when you go to ADGA Genetics Website . Production Search through Predicted Transmitting Ability (PTA) data modeled by CDCB from years of DHI production test records for dairy goats. Want […]