Position Available – Customer Service Temp

The American Dairy Goat Association is offering a Customer Service Representative – Summer Position to a qualified applicant. The minimum age for this position is 17. Description This temporary position involves data entry and online customer service support as directed by senior customer service representatives. Additional office tasks may be required as needed by full-time […]

Procedures for Linear Appraisal Evaluations

The complete Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Linear Appraisal Evaluations is available in PDF Format. The document includes a program summary, guidelines for appraisers as well as herd owners and scoring details. Information may also be included related to past and future Linear Appraisal Education Program sessions. ADGA Standard Operating Procedures for Linear Appraisal Evaluations […]

Linear Appraisal Sign-up 2021

The Linear Appraisal sign ups closed for 2021 on April 15, 2021. 3 Things To Know About 2021 Sign-ups If you signed up in 2020 and had your $35 application fee held over for 2020 you WILL need to submit a new application, but no new application fee is required. If you received a refund […]

New Performance Programs Manager

ADGA is pleased to announce that a new Performance Programs Manager has been hired. Jim VanDerlinde has been an ADGA member since 1994, has exhibited in seven ADGA National Shows and is the breeder of the 2002 National Jr Champion Toggenburg. Jim has experience with ADGA’s Linear Appraisal Program, Holstein young sire genetic improvement programs, […]

Dairy Goat Management Calendar

This dairy goat management calendar is offered as a guide to assist you in preparing for each season. Some breeds and breeders may have unique needs or practice out-of-season breeding. Always seek the advice of your small ruminant veterinarian and never disregard professional advice or delay seeking professional veterinarian assistance because of something you read […]

Correct Color Prints of Dairy Goats

Breed paintings by Lynn Fancher are copyrighted for exclusive use by the American Dairy Goat Association. These copyrighted paintings may not be copied or used in digital format without permission. However, you may purchase these type correct paintings as 9 x 12 inch color prints for $3.25 each or $12.00 for the set. To order […]