Historic Herd Name Sartyr and Diamond Star

Nomination Data for SARTYR and DIAMOND STAR Herd Name Date: September 14, 2017 Nominated by: Kristina Bozzo-Baldenegro and others Herd Name: Sartyr and Diamond Star Location: Beginnings in Wisconsin, later in Sebastopol, California Herd Name Assigned: 1976 – Sartyr, Diamond Star – date unknown 25 Continuous Years: Yes Breeds of dairy goats: Alpine, Saanen and […]

Historic Herd Name Nomination Process

An Historic Herd Name is bestowed upon those outstanding herds that have not simply “made a name” for themselves and bred some top-quality animals, but have contributed significantly in a number of specifically defined areas to a breed or breeds of dairy goats. How to nominate a Historic Herd Name? How to Start the Historic […]

The First National Dairy Goat Awareness Day

On June 12, 1986, the American Dairy Goat Association presented six dairy goat kids to the US Department of Agriculture. The day is recognized as the first National Dairy Goat Awareness Day and was commemorated by a gathering under a tent near the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. At the presentation, a painting of President Ronald […]


From ADGA Bylaws Article VI. Section 3 a) All nominations for any ADGA award shall be submitted with full, supporting, detailed, written documentation.  If approved by the Awards Committee, this documentation will be provided to each Director. b) Director Emeritus/Emerita – The committee considers and evaluates former or retiring Directors nominated by the membership for this […]

Helen Hunt Biography

Helen (Cummings) Hunt: Exemplary Dairy Goat Breeder Helen Hunt remains, even after her death, one of the finest of examples for other breeders of dairy goats in America and especially so for all members of the American Dairy Goat Association. The ADGA Distinguished Service Award was re-established in her name in 1995 as the Helen […]

Mary Farley Biography

The Mary Farley Award By Shari Reyna While most ADGA members are aware of the Mary L. Farley Award that is occasionally bestowed upon individuals or groups who have contributed very significantly to the dairy goat industry, many are not aware of the reason she was honored, only a month after her death, by creation […]