Instructions for Registering a Dairy Goat

The following instructions are to be used while filling out the ADGA Registration or Recordation Application form. You can obtain a Registration or Recordation Application form from or members with an online account may register goats that were born on their farm online. Most Common Registration Mistakes 1) All items are not completed. 2) […]

Frequently Used Dairy Goat Acronyms

Dairy goat owners use a lot of acronyms!  Below are some of those that are frequently heard at dairy goat shows and other dairy goat events or seen on registration papers and performance pedigrees.  Do you have suggestions for acronym additions?  Let us know! Breed Designation Codes | General Acronyms | Organizations and Agencies Breed Designation Codes […]

Summary of Artificial Insemination Requirements

This information is provided as a guideline/faq to members and other interested persons using artificial insemination in an ADGA breeding program.  These requirements will be of interest to: Purchasers of frozen semen Breeders using artificial insemination practices Marketers of frozen semen Semen processors It is the responsibility of anyone planning to register ADGA dairy goats […]

How to Tattoo a Dairy Goat

Success in securing a lasting tattoo mark depends entirely upon the operator. A few simple rules must be observed: Halter or muzzle the animal, if necessary. Cleanse the area to be tattooed with alcohol to remove dirt, grease, and wax. Insert the correct symbols in the pliers and press the thin rubber sponge pad down […]