Executive Director: Steps to Better Customer Service

Hello ADGA Member,

I wanted to give you an update on some of the questions around where the ADGA office stands in completing paperwork, and some next steps on the betterment of our customer service.


  • Rush Folders:  As of August 1, we are 6 business days behind on Rush folders.  We anticipate being caught up to within 3 days by the end of the week.
  • Transfers:  The office is caught up on transfers for all previously registered goats.  Any goat awaiting a transfer as part of a new registration is in line to be completed.  However, there is not an ETA available currently.  Office staff is working diligently to work through the backlog.
  • Registrations:  Online registrations are approved and caught up to 7/27/21.   Stamped duplicates have been issued for registrations received into the office as of 8/1. Original registrations are still being processed in the order they were received into the office; however, they are backlogged into March.
    • Payments received with original registrations will not be processed until the registration is completed.
    • Payments received for multiple transactions may have been processed.  You will see a credit on your account for anything not processed to date.
  • Memberships:  The office has 18 memberships that need processed, roughly 2 days out.


Like any new software system, our new online software (NG) has produced many questions and opportunities.  While we continue to fine tune to adjust to ADGA’s needs, I wanted to update you on some of the steps we are taking to give you better customer service during this time.

  • We will continue to have our staff answer service calls M/W/F from 1:00 – 5:00 pm.   We currently receive over 1,000 calls during each time frame.  We apologize if we do not get to you, however all our staff is answering during this time.
  • We have 7,800+ tickets in the queue waiting to be answered.  While we attempt to answer as many as we can, there are many that are resolved due to software updates and members being able to complete work.   Office staff must open and resolve every ticket to go through,  thus making resolved issues a fruitless time drain while working through tickets.   We are going to execute a closure and re-opening of tickets NEXT MONDAY, 8/9/2021.  Here is how this will work:
    1. Monday morning, I will send out a communication on how to reopen your ticket when closed.  This will be for issues that still need resolved, work that is sent in via the ticket system, and any issue that has not been addressed by previous communication of fixes.
    2. Monday afternoon,  we will close all tickets.  ALL DATA WILL STILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE TICKET.   You will then execute the simple steps to reopen the ticket you need, so we can manage and work the tickets that need to be answered.

a. The reasoning behind this massive step is simply the mass of tickets NG (our software system) has created.

i. With the average time to work a ticket completely through being 10 minutes, we are looking at 4-5 months to catch up, assuming no new tickets are coming in.

ii. We believe a good number of tickets have been resolved or fixed, so this is an attempt to clean up that data.

3. We will have dedicated staff starting Tuesday morning to answer re-opened tickets.  They will work them from the oldest originally posted ticket date.

While this is not a preferred method to dealing with member questions, we feel this is the best way to directly access, answer, and fulfill questions and opportunities that need to be addressed.  Thank you for all your continued patience while we work through this.

Lance Gerlach
Executive Director
American Dairy Goat Association

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  3. Is the email going to another folder such as Spam, Junk, Unfocused, Promotions … or being blocked by my email provider?
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