Historic Herd Name Sartyr and Diamond Star

Nomination Data for SARTYR and DIAMOND STAR Herd Name

  • Date: September 14, 2017
  • Nominated by: Kristina Bozzo-Baldenegro and others
  • Herd Name: Sartyr and Diamond Star
  • Location: Beginnings in Wisconsin, later in Sebastopol, California
  • Herd Name Assigned: 1976 – Sartyr, Diamond Star – date unknown
  • 25 Continuous Years: Yes
  • Breeds of dairy goats: Alpine, Saanen and Experimental

The Sartyr/Diamond Star animals have been active in the performance programs, providing a bounty of data for a number of our ADGA Performance Programs.

There are 257 animals listed with the Sartyr/Diamond Star herd name in the ADGA database, 170 females and 85 males.  Registration dates range from February 15, 1975 through 2017.  However the ADGA database does not include any of the Diamond Star animals or some of the Sartyr animals predating our current database.

One hundred and thirty eight animals have either evaluations and/or production records on file.

Sartyr/Diamond Star has eighteen animals with wither DNA typing or semen collections on file at the ADGA office and an outstanding 29 animals earned their SGCH, SG, GCH, and/or CH designation.  There are close to 55 different Sartyr/Diamond Star animals with approximately 94 official appraisal/classification scores in the current ADGA database with scores ranging from 93 to 85, with an average score of nearly 89.

Sartyr Sunshine was Premier Breeder and Exhibitor both at the 1977 and 1979 Nationals

Sartyr Sunshine Begonita II was in the 1978 Spotlight Sale and went to Ontario where she made a major contribution to CGS registered Saanens.  Ed Cavanaugh’s Saanens trace back to her

Diamond Star Superstar was Premier Sire at the National Show in 1978 and 1979

Sartyr Jaison Ophelia was ’89 & ’90 BF Breed Leader. Best record was 3-8 305 4090 185 4.5%  She was 1st place 4 yr. old at 1990 Nationals and highest individual record.  Her daughters Penelope and Philomena also had high BF and P.  Briarwind Pharoh Talut is a grandson of the latter.  Penelope’s son, Perseus, went to Celaya, GTO, MX, where he sired many Mexican registered progeny for Javier Charaud.

Sartyr Standout Georgia was on the 2011 Breed Leader List at 5th milk, 1st BF, 2nd P on a record of 2-07 305 4250 157 136.  Gwendolyn is a daughter.

Sartyr/Diamond Star have had a number of animals that have had impact on a number of other herds throughout the United States.

Recognizable and Contributed Foundation Animals to Other Herds

The Sartyr/Diamond Star herd has Superior Genetics animals, including SG and SGCH animals.  There are also star bucks, ++bucks, *++ bucks and star or AR does in the current ADGA Data Base.  However the current database does not list a large number of records for the Sartyr/Diamond Star herd.  Our lack of readily available data has not allowed us access to some data needed to submit records on all the Sartyr/Diamond Star animal’s accomplishments.

Allow me to quote Sheila Nixon, “In 1977, ADGA was undergoing computerization and a decision was made to include only animals 10 years old or less or that current action on them in our data base.  We neither had the time nor money to go all the way back to 1904 with our data.”  The Sartyr/Diamond Star herd is one of those herds with much of their documentation occurring prior to 1977 and thus appears on those “famous white index cards” that are at the National Agriculture Library.

The original nomination included a spreadsheet with ten pages of animals from the ADGA database, the recognizable/influential names, the SGCH/SG/GCH/CH animals, the Top Ten animals, animals with type of production records in the database, animals with collections/DNA on file, and there are four tabs with appraisal/classification data. Sartyr/Diamond Star has impacted not one, not two, but multiple breeds in ADGA and we feel they deserve the recognition and designation as Historic for their contributions across the board to the American Dairy Goat Association and our beloved dairy goats.