ORDER FORM – Online DNA test order form – (please use additional forms as needed).

Pricing Information:

Individual DNA – $30.00, ADGA Plus – 1st 3 tests at $20, $27.00 for additional tests

Further information: https://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/dnatyping.php

Casein – $25.00, $20 ADGA Plus, $50 if not an ADGA member

Further Information: https://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/alphas1.php

G-6-S – $25.00, $20 ADGA Plus, $50 if not an ADGA member

FAQ sheet: https://adga.org/knowledgebase-search-results/g-6-s-faqs/

Further Information: https://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/G6S.php

Scrapie Variant – $25.00, $23 ADGA Plus, $23 if added to sample on file or combined with Individual testing.

Further Information: VGL Goat Scrapie Susceptibility

USDA/APHIS informational article: A New Tool: Genetic Scrapie Resistance in Goats

Prices above reflect prices for ADGA members only with no other discounts taken into account (such as ADGA Plus).  

If a DNA type is requested, that becomes part of the pedigree information reported as Individual or as a Parent Qualification.  Per recent Board action, G6S and Alpha S1 Casein laboratory results can be added to the pedigree information with the breeder’s permission.  Breeders, please  submit a PUBLICITY REQUEST FORM , contact  performanceprograms@adga.org  directly or provide a signed statement with the registration IDs and the test type to make available.  Owners, while you do not need permission to test and receive results on your animals, you will need permission to publicize the results if you are not the owner.  Scrapie information will be addressed by the 2018 Genetic Advancement committee.

When filling out the form or making this request, please provide your membership information.  Unregistered animals will need to be registered for this update to be applied.  Requests need to be made on a per individual animal basis.  Results will be maintained in the database on all testing results that have been provided to ADGA should breeders decide to choose this option in the future.

Hair samples are preferred for all types of testing.  Instructions for sampling and mailing will arrive with the submission materials for the lab that will be sent to you.  For parentage requests or any other questions please email performanceprograms.