Instructions for Registering a Dairy Goat

The following instructions are to be used while filling out the ADGA Registration or Recordation Application form. You can obtain a Registration or Recordation Application form from or you may create a login to ADGA’s Next Generation Software and register your goat online.

If you are new to dairy goats, you might read “How to Name A Dairy Goat” first.

The following guide corresponds with the print and online ADGA Registration/Recordation Application.

Section 1: Birth Information

Notice “Breeding Info” to the right of “Birth Information.” Check the appropriate box and include documentation if Service Memo, Artificial Insemination (AI) or Embryo Transfer (ET) are checked.

GOAT NAME. Name must be confined to 30 letters and spaces and must begin with the breeder’s registered herd name, if any. Name cannot be changed once registered.

SIRE ID/NAME. If the official ownership of the sire and that of the dam are not identical on the date of breeding, a service memo must be attached.

DAM ID/NAME. If person making application for registry purchased the dam as a bred doe, a service memo must be obtained from the owner of the sire and attached to the application. Dam must be officially transferred before kid may be registered.

DATE OF BIRTH. Be sure the date given is the same as any other kids registered from the same litter.

GOAT SEX. Indicate the gender of the goat kid.

LITTER INFORMATION. Record the number of kids of each sex in the birth.

Section 2: Appearance

BREED STANDARD CONFORMATION. See the ADGA Guidebook rules for registering Purebred or American dairy goats and recordation of Grade dairy goats.

COLOR AND MARKINGS. Be accurate but make description as short as possible. For Toggenburg indicate shade of brown and color of correct white or cream markings. For Oberhasli indicate shade of bay and correct black markings. Sables may be any color except solid white or solid light cream.

GOAT HORNS. If the goat is born without horns, the term is “polled.”

GOAT EARS. Correct ears are necessary for breed conformation.

Section 3: Identification

MEMBER/BIRTH ORDER TATTOOS. Animal must be tattooed. If the application indicates a tattoo which is not actually on the animal, the certificate of registry becomes voidable. Please state on the application the tattoo exactly as it appears on the animal.

EID CHIP. An Electronic ID is approved as a supplemental ID under specific circumstances. EID for animals born after March 11, 2015 must have the “840” style microchip.

Section 3b: Breeder

BREEDER. The “breeder” is the owner of the animal’s dam on the date the animal was bred/conceived.

Section 4: Transfer

PURCHASER INFORMATION. This section is only used when the animal being registered is being transferred to another owner. Do not use this section unless you are transferring the animal to a new owner. The appropriate fee for transfer must be included or be on your account before your application is received.

Section 5: Payment & Signature

FEES. All fees are required to be received with the application or already be on the account of the one submitting the application. All fees are subject to change without notice. For current rates see ADGA Rates & Services

SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT. Provide the name and member ID of the person submitting this application.

PAYMENT. Please add funds to your account through the Next Generation Software, include a check payable to “ADGA” or call 828-286-3801 to have funds deposited to your account via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

Most Common Registration Mistakes

  1. All items are not completed.
  2. Color description is omitted.
  3. Birth date does not coincide with breeding date (should be about five months for gestation period).
  4. Registration numbers of grandparents instead of parents are given.
  5. The registered tattoo belonging to the herd into which the goat was born is not listed.
  6. Correct fees are not submitted.
  7. Incorrect purchase date is listed (should be the date you took possession)
  8. Transfer of ownership section is not completed (for purchased animal)
  9. Artificial Insemination Mating is marked “yes” when natural breeding actually took place.
  10. Service memo not provided when necessary.

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