New Online Services Coming

You’re getting a new online interface for managing your ADGA membership and dairy goat registrations the first week of February 2021. ADGA’s Information Systems & Operations Manager, David Stokes, described it like going from a 1994 model car to a 2021 model. … The difference is, access to this online service will be part of your membership at no additional cost to you and will save you time and money.

New Interface Advantages

Your new online interface to ADGA will replace the functionality of the very old “ROSS” system you may have heard about or used. Other than being user-friendly and compatible with most browsers, there will be some new features available immediately as well. Other enhancements are planned later in 2021 and in future years including an app for Linear Appraisers and a Shows app for submitting the Report of Awards.

New features will enable you to:

  • Update your contact information directly rather than submitting a form.
  • Browse and search for all ADGA registered animals.
  • Search for people in addition to the member directory.
  • Upload your signature authorization rather than send the form by mail.
  • View the underlying awards, performance and show data in your currently owned and ever owned animal details page. (Subscription Report subscribers will be able to view all the information in one report.)
  • Complete nearly all registrations online, including Guernseys.
  • Receive breeder error reports by email if you have a current email address on file.
  • Make DNA requests with downloadable/printable instructions and labels.

You Email Address is Key

The most important thing you can do to be ready to use the “Next Generation” interface is to make sure ADGA has your current email address. Everything hinges on being able to contact you by email. You can provide ADGA with your new email address here:

Setting Up An Account in the New Online Services

If you already have an Online Member Services account, you will only be prompted to create a new password. If you do not have an online account, you will be able to create one in a few minutes without mailing forms or waiting for a mailed PIN number.

Instructions for creating an account and basic things you will need to know will be posted on Before the new system launches, there will be announcements to ADGA members who are currently subscribed to ADGA’s email list ( and on social media.