New Performance Programs Manager

ADGA is pleased to announce that a new Performance Programs Manager has been hired. Jim VanDerlinde has been an ADGA member since 1994, has exhibited in seven ADGA National Shows and is the breeder of the 2002 National Jr Champion Toggenburg.

Jim has experience with ADGA’s Linear Appraisal Program, Holstein young sire genetic improvement programs, Holstein classification, registered Holstein Ancestry percentage program, Jersey Type appraisal, and US Jersey Genetic recovery program. He is also well versed in large data analysis of herd performance through Dairy Herd Improvement management programs working directly with Dairy One and Lancaster DHI and their managing territory technicians.

Being a 20-year ADGA Member, having a degree in Dairy Management, 15+ years of “boots-on-the ground” experience managing large commercial (cattle) dairies and experience in performance programs all add to Jim’s qualifications to lead several of ADGA’s most important programs.

ADGA received excellent references, including . . .

I would work with him again in a heartbeat, he really is always on top of things.

A born leader, he works well and is productive with a variety of different personality types, education levels and levels of management. I have seen Jim handle himself and communicate equally effectively with a new hire entry level calf feeder as well [as] with a partner level investor owner.

ambitious work ethic and confidence to take on any task

great management skills

We extend a warm welcome to Jim who will join the ADGA team on February 22, 2021.

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