New Test Offering at VGL

Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, (VGL), is offering goat scrapie testing for two variants that are associated with classical scrapie resistance/susceptibility.  They are offering it direct through the lab but are also providing it at a reduced price to ADGA members as part of ADGA’s contractual arrangement with VGL.

Price information:

New request: $25/sample

ADGA Plus participant price: $23/sample

Added to a previous sample already on file or combine with identity testing: $23/sample

It is now listed for selection on the genetic testing menu on the ADGA DNA order form

Additional Information, including how it is reported is at: Goat Scrapie Susceptibility – S146 and K222 and the ADGA policy

USDA/APHIS Informational Article: A New Tool: Genetic Scrapie Resistance in Goats

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