Next Generation Known Issues

When a new product is introduced, updates and improvements are needed. ADGA’s Next Generation Software is no exception. ADGA appreciates the input of members who continue to make this service better through your constructive feedback.

Please review this list of known issues prior to submitting customer service requests.

Case-By-Case Issues | Immediate Priorities | Priorities Pending Scheduling | Items Fixed

Case-By-Case Issues

Missing Herd Name and/or TattooIn ROSS/OMS, if you had an authorization to use a tattoo or herd name that authorization was not removed even if you obtained a different tattoo or herd name or if the authorized tattoo or herd name became invalid at any point. This was an unknown bug in ROSS. When the data was imported to NG, the authorization was used to generate the herd name or tattoo assigned to a membership. After all, an auth is an auth and there is no easy way to distinguish a "good" one from a "bad" one, so clean-up has to be handled case-by-case.Contact IM Committee co-chair, Gary Moore:
Requests for Reprint of Lost or Destroyed CertificatesThere is a bug in NG which prevents reprinting lost or destroyed certificates. If you have paid for a reprint for a lost or destroyed certificate, please submit a support request with "LOST OR DESTROYED CERTIFICATE" in the issue summary. Please include the date you submitted the request, your member number, the animal's name and registration number.ADGA Support Center

Immediate Priorities

DescriptionStatusCompletion EstimateNotes
Transfers not being sent to new ownersIn progress10/25/2021 If a member registers and transfers an animal and selects "Send Certificate Directly to New Owner" toggle then the certificate and related documents must be sent to the transferee (new owner). This is not occurring -- documents are begin sent to the owner/breeder at the time of registration instead.
DNA RequestsIn progress10/25/2021Assignment to developers waiting final requirements from ADGA PPM.
Interface with CDCBIn progress10/25/2021Allows import of DHIR and other data; includes fixes to Format 1.
Re-registrationsIn progress11/9/2021Allow AGS, BGS, & CGS re-registration with AGS, BGS, or CGS Parent entries.
Format 4 ImportIn progress11/15/2021Import CDCB DHIR into ADGA NG.
Data Conversion IssuesIn progressTBDIncludes missing DHIR elements and BIS awards.

Priorities Pending Scheduling

DescriptionStatusCompletion EstimateNotes
Member PublicationsPendingTBDIncludes Guidebook, Newsletters, Member directory, Directors’ letters, etc.
Subscription ReportsPendingTBDTasks assigned; some preliminary work completed
AI Memos submitted by Doe OwnerPendingTBDFor cases when an AI Memo is submitted by a doe owner there is no way to upload an AI Memo form signed by the inseminator
3rd &4th Gen Pedigrees FixesIn progressTBDDNA, performance, and production data need to be included; correct order of listing

Items Fixed

Register additional animals from registration formDeployed3/16/2021From same litter, from same sire, from another goat.
Data fix to add *M and *B awards to registration.Deployed3/16/2021This applies to all goats that received awards PRIOR to 2-19-21. Awards to be issued after this date are still in progress.
Select from ever-owned lists at registrationDeployed3/16/2021Previously could only select dams and sires from currently owned list.
Fix progeny breeding methodDeployed3/16/2021AI, Natural, etc.
Existing herd and tattoo authorizations now convertedDeployed3/16/2021ROSS/OMS conversion.
Linked MembershipsDeployed3/19/2021Allow members to register animals to a herd name based on ownership of dam.
Improved registration formDeployed3/30/2021Add all linked membership ever-owned animals should be available in registration application dropdown select lists.
The Edit Registration Link now works Deployed3/30/2021Allows the updating of Color, Horns, Birth Tattoo, and addition of EID information.
Ownership fix for transfersDeployed3/30/2021Registrations with Transfers at the same time should list ownership with original owner/breeder.
Owner Service Memos Deployed3/30/2021Service Memos created by buck owner should no longer need to be approved by staff.
Rush Fees should now charge the correct priceDeployed3/30/2021
"Stuck" cart resolvedDeployed3/30/2021Issue causing registration applications to get stuck in the cart has been resolved. Refunds for multiple submits will be issued as needed.
Can now use both AI and Service Memos for registrationsDeployed3/30/2021
Account BalancesDeployed3/31/2021This is an issue with the conversion of transactions from ROSS/OMS, not the NG application as such.
Performance IssuesDeployed4/7/2021So-called "spinner of death"
DOB IssueDeployed4/20/2021DOB on registration and stamped duplicates is off by 1 day.
AI MemosDeployed4/20/2021AI Memos cannot be saved.
Nigerian RegistrationsDeployed4/20/2021Certificates being generated for non-purebred animals.
Sable RegistrationsDeployed4/20/2021Some Experimentals and American Sables incorrectly classified as purebred Sable.
Grade RegistrationsDeployed4/20/2021Cases where American incorrectly classified as Grade and some Grade breeds classified as Grade Experimentals.
Buck Collection ReportsDeployed5/7/2021Import BCR's which were missed in the initial data import.
Transfers not being sent to new ownersDeployed5/24/2021 If a member registers and transfers an animal and selects "Send Certificate Directly to New Owner" toggle then the certificate and related documents must be sent to the transferee (new owner). This is not occurring -- documents are begin sent to the owner/breeder at the time of registration instead.
Herd name and tattoo selectionDeployed5/24/2021Allow member to select a new tattoo and herd name if they choose one that cannot be approved.
Multiple transfersDeployed6/11/2021Need to be able to "Transfer another animal" after adding the current animal to the cart.
Linked accounts cannot be renewedDeployed7/5/2021"Cannot find previous dues history" message when attempting to renew.
Charging incorrect ratesDeployed7/5/2021If the sponsoring membership is expired/inactive then any sponsee membership accounts are charged non-member rates even sponsee has active membership.
Only original breeder can add EID informationDeployed7/19/2021Owners who are not the breeder of an animal cannot add EID information to the animal's record.

Customer Service Requests

Staff are working diligently to process your service requests and may not able to fulfill your request over the phone. When at all possible, please create a customer support request online rather than calling the office. ADGA Customer Service Form

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