What is an ADGA PIN Number?

The ADGA Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a 5 – 8 digit number that is randomly issued by the ADGA database. Your PIN is different than your ADGA ID number and serves as the electronic signature for your membership. A PIN Application and a Signature Authorization form must be filed before ADGA will issue a PIN.

PIN Number Required for Online Account

Because the ADGA PIN Number serves as your electronic signature, it is required to create an online account to access ADGA’s Online Member Services. You must have a valid PIN issued by ADGA for use with all documents or forms submitted via ADGA.org or other official website of ADGA, where a signature is required.

The Certificate of Registry/Recordation, or other processed forms, will be mailed to the owner of the PIN. The owner of the PIN is responsible for all fees. Your PIN will be mailed to the address for the membership on file at ADGA. Any address changes must be filed with ADGA prior to application for a PIN.

Apply for a PIN or Recover One that is Lost

If you do not currently have a signature authorization on file with ADGA for your membership, please download and complete the ADGA PIN Application and Signature Authorization form below. If you misplace your PIN, contact ADGA Customer Support and a new one can be issued for a fee of $5.00.

ADGA PIN Application and Signature Authorization PDF