Securing ADGA National Show 2021

Dear ADGA members,

I wanted to reach out and say how excited we at the office are for the upcoming ADGA National Show in Louisville, Kentucky.  Every committee member, volunteer, exhibitor, and vendor has expended tremendous amounts of time and resources to make sure this year’s show is completely on track without any chance of cancellation.

I wanted to address the ever-changing climate surrounding Covid-19, the rules and regulations provided, and the steps that ADGA has put in place.   As many know, the governor of the state of Kentucky has lifted almost all restrictions as of June 11, 2021.  The governor has also stated that “mask mandates will still remain in places where people are the most vulnerable after this date”.

ADGA fully realizes that this is a polarizing issue, and the revised rules provided by the National Show Committee and the Executive Committee are not the same as those of the venue.  Knowing that we would have members from all over the country attending, and that we could not guarantee the safety and security of members and staff once we were all in the same facility, a compromise in the relaxation of rules was adopted.

The final decision to ease restrictions instead of completely lift them is also centered around the possibility of government guidelines being changed in late June or early July, thus putting the National Show at risk if we could not comply to the ever-changing decrees.  Logistically speaking, security, personal protective equipment, travel plans by members, and staff planning all had to come to a final decision so we could execute the plan, despite the changing government rules.

We fully hoped to have a wide-open event, with no restrictions, and we do understand the sentiment behind that thought process.   We have chosen to take the route of securing a show, no matter what change is in store in the future.

All of your opinions are being heard and are truly valued, whether in agreement or dissent.   ADGA believes this is the best route to ensure a successful event, and I hope that we can support the National Show and the people that are putting it together. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible during that week.

Thank you,
Lance Gerlach
Executive Director
American Dairy Goat Association

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