Spectators at ADGA National Show 2021

Spectators Allowed at National Show

ADGA is pleased to announce spectators will be allowed at ADGA National Show 2021 within strict guidelines and visitor times.

After examining the data following the initial executive order by the Governor of Kentucky, the ADGA Board of directors has concluded that allowing spectators under the following conditions to be in the best interest of the National Show and in line with the safety decision of government and health officials.

This change protects the privacy of individuals by not requiring temperature checks and eliminating the need for proof of vaccination and separate wrist bands.

The ADGA Board of Directors has reached the following decision:

“Spectators will be allowed to attend the 2021 ADGA National Show being held in Louisville, KY. Masks are mandatory and spectators must wear them at all times. NO exceptions.

“Spectators will be allowed entry during show hours ONLY and will leave the facility at the conclusion of the show daily. Spectators are advised to go to the ADGA National Show website to familiarize themselves with the National Show rules. Any person (Exhibitor or Spectator) who refuses to abide by the rules will be asked to leave immediately.

“ALL exhibitors will be required to wear masks in areas where people congregate:

    • Vet Check
    • Check In
    • Milk Check
    • In the Holding Area
    • In the Show Ring
    • Around the Show Ring
    • In the Vendor Area
    • In the Photographer Room
    • In the Show Office

“Temperature checks are no longer required.

“All exhibitors will receive the SAME wristband which allows them 24 access to the barn.”

Spectator Wristbands/Forms

All spectators will be required to wear a wristband while in the facility. They will need to turn in a waiver form at which time they will receive a wristband.

Waiver forms are available on the website or KEC staff will have them available at the door when you arrive. Spectators without wristbands will be asked to leave immediately. If you plan to be at the show more than one day, please just leave your wristband on.

Important Spectator Links

Visit ADGA National Show for all show information, the entry form and show rules: https://nationalshow.adga.org

The required Waiver for ADGA National Show 2021 can be found at: https://nationalshow.adga.org/forms

National Show Questions may be directed to: https://nationalshow.adga.org/national-show-questions

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