Summary of Artificial Insemination Requirements

This information is provided as a guideline/faq to members and other interested persons using artificial insemination in an ADGA breeding program.  These requirements will be of interest to:

  • Purchasers of frozen semen
  • Breeders using artificial insemination practices
  • Marketers of frozen semen
  • Semen processors

It is the responsibility of anyone planning to register ADGA dairy goats to obtain complete details of all policies pertaining to registration and buck collection requirements. Before you purchase or use, check that a buck has had a collection filed with ADGA at  If the animal has a “C” in the “On File” column, there is at least one collection on file at ADGA.  This information is updated monthly. We do not publish dates, but if you have a specific collection date and it matches exactly what is on file, it can be confirmed by contacting ADGA.

All specific requirements are found in the ADGA guidebook. This bulletin is intended as a summary of current policies.

Current policies:

ADGA requires each individual collection to have a Buck Collection Report form filed with ADGA in order to register offspring if the collection was done after 1/1/1991.   Just one collection date needs to be on file for collections done between 1/1/91 and 10/23/01 to use any other collection date for registration purposes.  To use a collection done on 10/24/01 or later, the exact date must be known in order to register offspring.  Collection report forms are triplicate forms and may be obtained by contacting ADGA.   The form may be submitted by either the processor or the owner/agent of the buck.   The following information is necessary:

  • Name of processor
  • Name of buck
  • Buck’s registration ID
  • Tattoo on buck, if illegible then EID (see Microchip policy/guide)
  • Owner’s name and ADGA ID
  • Signature of:
    • Processor
    • Owner
    • Tattoo Reader
  • Voluntary information:
    • Buck Code used by processor
    • Processor contact information

ADGA requires that the following information be placed on straws processed on ADGA registered bucks:

  • Name of buck
  • Buck’s registration ID
  • Buck Code
  • Date of Collection
  • Processor code or name

ADGA’s Record of Artificial Insemination (AI Memo) asks for the following information on the buck named as the sire:

  • Name of buck
  • Buck’s registration ID
  • Processor of the semen used
  • Date semen was processed

ADGA requires that bucks collected after June 1, 2016 have a DNA type on file in order for AI offspring to be registered.

A suggestion is that all involved in the purchase or marketing of semen use sound business practices.  Processors or their representative should verify the tattoos on collected bucks.  Accuracy of all information is paramount.  Owners should retain a copy of the collection form in case it is needed.  Owners or sellers should provide the next owner or buyer with a Bill of Sale identifying the semen and its collection information, the date of the transaction, quantity involved and source of such semen and whether a collection form has been filed with the registry.   Bills of Sale on bucks that have had semen collected could indicate that semen has been retained or sold by the seller. 

These requirements may be subject to change.
If there are questions, call before you use!

ADGA:  828-286-3801

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