Temporary Solution for Submitting DNA Requests

Good news! ADGA is pleased to announce a temporary solution for submitting DNA requests until the DNA ordering process is fully functional in the new NG software.

To make online DNA requests as easy as possible for you during this time, you can submit your request at the following link.

DNA Testing Order Form

What Happens After Your DNA Request is Placed

Once you place your DNA request, your order will be submitted directly to Veterinary Genetics Laboratory and you will receive an email to immediately print the sample submission form. With the sample submission form in hand, you simply follow the directions for taking the sample and mailing it directly to the lab.

Results for most tests, not requiring further verification, generally come in 7-10 days after submission to the lab. Once the results are received, ADGA will notify you of the results via email.

Payment for DNA testing will be deducted from your account balance if funds are available.  If you do not currently have funds in your ADGA account, we will hold the orders up to 7 days for payment to arrive.

Funds should be added to your account through ADGA’s Next Generation Software, by calling the office with your credit card, or by mailing a check to the office.

By submitting an online DNA request, you are acknowledging full responsibility for payment of any tests that are requested.

If you need assistance with an online form submission or adding funds to your account, please create a support ticket and a staff member will assist you in the order your request is received.

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