Youth DHIR Honor Roll

Youth under the ages of 21 with standard breed does on test producing 3000 lb.  Milk or 100 lb. Butterfat or 90 lb.  Protein in 305 days or less or miniature breed does producing 1200 lb.  Milk 42 lb. Butterfat or 36 lb. Protein, in 305 days or less may apply for recognition on the Youth Production Testing Doe Honor Roll. Qualifying does must be individually owned by the youth making application.

Member herds participating in any test plan accepted by ADGA will be eligible to participate; test plan type will be noted on the published list. Verification testing of recognized does is not required, but verification status will be noted on the published list.  ADGA registered or recorded does of any breed producing at least 3000 pounds of milk or 100 pounds of butterfat or 90 pounds of protein or ADGA registered miniature breed does producing at least 1200 lb. milk 42 lb. butterfat or 36 lb. protein are eligible for this recognition. The individual DHI doe sheet documenting the qualifying lactation must accompany the application.

Application must be made within 6 months of completion of the qualifying lactation.  Owners will submit completed application with attached individual doe sheet to ADGA. There is no charge for this application. Owners of does with qualifying lactations receive a congratulatory letter and the lactation information appears in ADGA News & Events.  For an additional $3, a Certificate of Honor Roll Recognition will be issued.

Youth Honor Roll Application – pdf