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In addition to preserving pedigrees, maintaining herd books and sanctioning dairy goat shows, the American Dairy Goat Association has performance programs.

American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) Updates


Mailed work requests with no paperwork problems are processed on business days with the following timelines:

Regular work: Approximately seven weeks of receipt.

RUSH work: Seven business days of receipt.

NOTE: The United States Postal Service (USPS) is experiencing extended delivery times (i.e., up to six weeks delivery time).

Overnight delivery is available for an additional fee. Please include a written request and appropriate payment with your submitted work if you wish to use overnight return service. 

FedEx: 1 day $40 – $60 (depending on your location)
1 day – $40 – $60 (depending on your location)

For prompt processing,  please provide complete payment or fund your account for the requested services.

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The ADGA Board of Directors has approved the use of stamped duplicates of applications for registration for all ADGA programs until the NG computer conversion is complete and registration processing is current. This measure is necessary due to the delays in the ADGA computer conversion project. We request all organizations (including state fairs) that hold ADGA sanctioned shows during this time period to accept stamped duplicates as well as Certificates of Registry.  Expired stamped duplicates have been extended to December 31, 2024.

Show Chairpersons and Show Secretaries should accept the stamped duplicates in accordance with this temporary ADGA Show rule change. The Report of Awards should be completed with the word “pending” written in the registration number section if no registration number is shown on the stamped duplicate. All other required information remains the same. For Fair Shows or organizations requiring documentation of this provision the official Stamped Duplicate Letter can be printed and provided.


ADGA HAS AUTHORIZED THE USE OF AN APPROVED, STAMPED RECORD OF PENDING CHAMPION STATUS FOR ENTRY INTO THE CHAMPION CHALLENGE CLASS. Show Chairpersons and Show Secretaries should accept the record in lieu of the prefixes CH, GCH, SGCH on the registration or recordation papers or an official ADGA Permanent Champion Notification Letter. This exception is in effect until 12/31/2024.  Animals that have a Show Win Record with an expiration date of 12/31/2023 may compete in the Champion Challenge Class until 12/31/2024 when accompanied by the Exception Statement. Alternatively, members may fill out a NEW record through the jot form to get an updated expiration date.   Champion Challenge Exception Statement . JotForm for Member Reported Show Win Record.

The Preferred Tattoo Letter for kids born in 2024 is S (2023 – R). Tattoo Policy & Instructions