Rates and Services

The following rates and services represent the printed “Schedule of Rates” available in PDF form on the Forms page. (At this time, all available supplies and services are not listed here.) Fees are determined by the ADGA Board of Directors and are subject to change without notice.


To meet security requirements for processing credit cards, ADGA is no longer accepting credit card numbers on printed forms. When payments are received over the phone or through the Next Generation Software, the name as it appears on the card and 3-digit security code are required.

When submitting paper forms, payment by check or by placing funds on your account through the Next Generation Software are your ONLY payment options.

Payment must be received at the same time or before your work arrives. Funds may be placed on your account by logging in to https://app.adga.org and paying with VISA, MASTERCARD, or PAYPAL. Or you can or send a CHECK or MONEY ORDER.

Rush Service

Registrations, Transfers, Duplicates and Revisions can be expedited by paying a “Rush Fee.” A “Rush” request must be submitted in writing with “Rush” on the envelope or in the subject to ADGA Customer Service. The fee for Rush Service is 100% of the service fee for the work being requested in addition to the original service fee.

New Memberships

Membership expires at the end of the current year if dues are paid/postmarked January 1 – September 1. If dues are paid between September 2 – December 31, membership expires at the end of the following year. To see a summary of benefits of each membership type see Membership

New Individual Regular$60.00
New Individual Youth$20.00
New Individual Associate$50.00
New Joint Regular$60.00
New Joint Business$60.00
New Joint Family$60.00
New Joint Affiliate$50.00

Membership Renewal

See renewal options at Membership Renewal

MembershipJan 1 - Sept 1Sept 2 - Dec 31
Renewal Individual Regular$50.00$45.00
Renewal Individual Youth$20.00$20.00
Renewal Individual Associate$40.00$40.00
Renewal Joint Regular$50.00$45.00
Renewal Joint Business$50.00$45.00
Renewal Joint Family$50.00$45.00
Renewal Joint Affiliate$40.00$40.00

Registration & Certificates

Registration TypeMember - In OfficeMember - OnlineNon-Member
Doe - Under 30 months$15.00$10.00$30.00
Doe - 30 months & older $20.00$13.50$40.00
Buck - Under 24 months $20.00$16.00$40.00
Buck - 24 months & older $35.00$28.50$70.00
AGS/CGS/BGS/GGBoA re-registration $20.00n/a$40.00
Duplicate Certificate of Registration$5.00n/a$15.00
Revision to Certificate of Registration$5.00n/a$15.00
Paperless Registration (No Certificate Issued)n/a$6.00n/a
Certificate of Identification (not a registration)$13.00n/a$25.00
Certificate of Identification Transfer$5.50n/a$17.50


TimeBuyer or Seller a MemberOnline w/RegistrationNeither a Member
Within 120 days of the sale$7.00$7.00$21.00
121 days or more after sale$8.50$8.50$25.50

Herd Names

Herd Name TypeMemberNon-Member
Valid With Current Membership$15.00n/a

ADGA Plus, DHIR & Linear Appraisal

For more information about these programs, see ADGA Plus InformationADGA Dairy Herd Improvement Registry (DHIR) and Linear Appraisal (LA). Enrollment in one of these programs does not guarantee services will be available at the time and location of your choice. Read the online information and applications carefully and use one of the methods on our Contact page to if you have any questions.


DNA Tests

DNA Typing is not currently being used to identify breed. DNA tests are being used to identify parentage from a few known possibilities and for pedigree verification. They are also being used to identify disorders. To learn more see ADGA DNA Testing


Performance Programs Reports

*3-Generation Performance Pedigree$5.00$15.00
*4-Generation at time of registration or transfer$5.00$15.00
*4-Generation Performance Pedigree$5.00$10.00
Advanced Registry Certificate$5.00$15.00
Linear Appraisal Certificate of Excellence (suitable for framing)$5.00$10.00
*+Currently Owned List$5.00$10.00
*+Ever Owned List$5.00$10.00
*Doe Family Performance Summary$15.00$30.00
*+Single Level Progeny List$5.00$15.00
*+Multi-level Progeny List$5.00$10.00
Performance Inquiry$5.00$15.00
Permanent Champion Certificate$5.00$10.00
Planned Mating Pedigree$6.00$12.00
*+Progeny Performance Inquiry (offspring with performance data)$2 per animal + $.50 per offspring$4 per animal + $1.00 per offspring
Show Award Certificate$5.00$15.00
*Show Wins Inquiry$5.00$15.00
Star Milker Certificate$5.00$15.00
Superior Genetics Certificate$5.00$10.00
Total Performance Report$5.00$15.00
Breed Leader (Top Ten) Certificate$5.00$15.00

*Additional postage could apply to lengthy reports.

Additional Services and Supplies are available not currently listed here. See forms Schedule of Rates PDFADGA Apparel & Supplies PDF and Breed Canvas Proofs & Prints Order Form PDF.