ADGA’s DNA TYPING PROGRAM is an opportunity to identify specific genetic information about individual goats at a cost benefit arranged for ADGA members.


Benefits of DNA typing

  • The DNA typing service is a permanent record of identification of individual animals and if parents are tested then the record also includes parent qualification information.  Breed improvement and selection programs require accurate pedigree information which can assist in avoiding extreme inbreeding and increasing production profit.
  • Registry integrity can be maintained through the random sampling programs as a benefit to members as the registry incurs costs.
  • If you have a doe or buck you are breeding replacements from, a buck that you hope will become a sire of daughters in other herds, an elite sire, or one that may become ‘famous’, a DNA profile could be invaluable for identifying later progeny.
  • It is also useful to have a record of the DNA profile for all natural mating sires that you are using with first fresheners and can be particularly useful if the bucks are going off-farm at the end of the breeding season, as you may not have another chance to get a sample for testing such bucks.
  • DNA typing can provide parentage verification for sales, or breeding/kidding situations that may not result in an assured sire or dam.
  • DNA typing can increase an animal’s worth as well as the value of the herd and extends assurance in business transactions.
  • DNA typing on file could potentially be used to trace stolen animals or could be used for future genetic testing for valuable economic traits or different animal disorders.
  • G-6-S , Alpha S-1 Casein typing,  and Scrapie variant testing, can provide information that may be important to your breeding program.
  • Genetic Conditions Policy

To Apply  for DNA typing

  1. Owners wishing to DNA type animals for any of the above reasons will provide the ADGA office with a list of registration names and numbers of the animals to be tested. In the case of parentage verification, the sex and tattoos for the offspring will be provided.
  2. The fee of $32.00 per test (MEMBER) or (ADGA Plus Member) $65 for the first 3 tests and $29 for additional tests. G-6-S and Alpha S-1 Casein testing have a separate fee, $27.00 (Member), $22.00 (ADGA Plus Member), $50.00 (Non-Member).  Scrapie Variant testing is $29, $27 (ADGA Plus Member) For those participating in the random sampling programs, ADGA will incur the cost.  There is a reduced fee for 3 tests if enrolled in ADGA Plus.  ADGA will send three copies of the DNA Record of Identification form to the owner along with necessary instructions for sending samples.
  3. The owner of the animal(s) shall arrange for the samples to be obtained from each animal. Each animal shall be identified by unique tattoo.
  4. Contact us for additional information.  DNA markers, G6S, Casein and Scrapie testing will be available for ordering through the Next Generation Software soon.

Sampling Options

  • Information on providing the sample can be found at  Sampling Instructions
  • Owners will be notified by the ADGA office regarding the results of the DNA typing tests. All information concerning the DNA types of specific individuals is confidential and remains the property of ADGA.