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The American Dairy Goat Association’s judges are licensed under a rigorous program of training and certification.

Here’s a breakdown of the basic program and the information needed.


There are several steps to becoming licensed to judge dairy goats at an officially sanctioned ADGA show. This involves achieving a basic knowledge by attending a Pre-Judge’s Training Conference and then attending a Judge’s Training Conference and passing a series of four basic tests of proficiency.
Pre-Judges Training Conference This program is for breeders, youth, and judge candidates. It consists of a full day of instruction. It has a prescribed content that includes the parts of the goat, scorecards, terminology, breed standards, defects, oral reasons, judging techniques, and ethics.
Training Conference The Training Conference is a more formalized program of training and testing of judge candidates. A specified fee is charged for the program, as set by the Judge’s Training Committee. There is one day of training and one day of testing, which includes a written test, the placement of eight classes of live animals, and the presentation of oral reasons to evaluate a candidate’s accuracy and presentation skills. These tests must be passed at specific standards of performance in order for a license to be granted. For lesser fees, the TC may also be taken as an auditor or as a spectator, though these two classifications will not result in licensure.
Licensing There are several levels of licensure. Successful new candidates start with a One-Year Apprentice License. This must be renewed the following year and if successfully passed at a higher standard, can become a Two-Year License. From this level, a Four-Year License can be achieved at renewal but ever higher levels of performance are required. After this, with continuous renewal and licensure of at least 13 years, an Advanced License may be achieved. Beyond this point, advanced judges must attend judging seminars every four years to maintain their status.

ADGA Judges Training Materials: Becoming an ADGA Judge

Dairy Goat Structure and Function

Judging Dairy Goats


Online Judge’s Training – Additional References in 2021 ADGA Guidebook


A-Judging Dairy Goats

1-Written Reasons Practice Sheet  – p. 116

2-Guide for Judges of Dairy Goat Showmanship – p. 125

3-Guide for Judging Grooming and Dairy Goat Showmanship – p. 126

B-Show Rules

1-Rules Governing Show Officials and Judges – p. 89-92

2-Definitions – pp. 104-106

3-Arrangement of Classes and Making Awards – pp. 93-94

4-Junior Division Classes and Championships – p. 95

5-Senior Division Classes and Championships – pp. 95

6-Selecting the Grand Champion and the Reserve Grand Champion – p. 95-96

7-Measuring the Nigerian Dwarf Breed – p. 138

8-Winning a Leg Toward Championship – pp. 96-97

9-Official Report of Awards – pp. 100

10-Reports – pp. 100-103

11-Complaints and Penalties – pp. 104

12-Code of Ethics for Exhibitors and Show Committees – pp. 106

13-Electronic Identification- pp.172-174

C-Rules for Judges

1-Pledge of Eligibility and Ethics for Judges – pp. 134

2-Complaints, Hearings, and Enforcement Procedures – pp. 135-137

3-Standards of Attire and Appearance – pp. 138

4-Judge’s Recognition Program – p. 135

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