ADGA Linear Appraisal Program

Producing the ADGA Performance Pedigree!

Accurate performance records of production, visual trait assessments of type and pedigree are needed to develop a complete portrait of our individual animals in our herds.  This portrait is the ADGA Performance Pedigree.

Accumulating data on pedigree, production, type and auxiliary traits from as many animals and herds as possible provides for accurate genetic evaluations.

Genetic improvement is permanent and cumulative, so it is a sustainable and cost-effective method of directing and stabilizing dairy goat performance according to each breeder’s goals.   ADGA has a unique national agreement to provide evaluations.

Tools at ADGA

DHIR, Linear Appraisal, Sire Summaries, Performance Reports, USDA-AIPL developed genetic evaluations & DNA verification are a form of quality assurance for the selection of breeding animals.

2021 Linear Appraisal

The sign-up form was available to be submitted or postmarked no later than April, 15, 2021. The sign-up for 2021 is now closed. If you would like to receive email updates about the Linear Appraisal program, subscribe here:

Special ADGA Plus Notice

(Dec 08, 2020) Requirements to sign up for ADGA Plus 2021 will not include Linear Appraisal at this time.


The ADGA linear appraisal system evaluates individual type traits that affect structural and  functional durability in order to take full advantage of the potential for genetic improvement through selection. ADGA’s linear system:

  • Evaluates each animal & trait individually
  • Evaluates each trait from one observed biological extreme to the other
  • Includes traits that have economic importance and are at a minimum, moderately heritable
  • Applied uniformly

The linear appraisal system includes 13 primary traits, one secondary trait, a research trait as well as structural categories scored by the appraiser to evaluate functional conformation on mature does and bucks.

Producers have the information to make a more accurate selection of breeding stock than ever before. Because of this, the responsibility and the opportunity for breed improvement are directly upon breeders.

The seedstock breeder, hobbyist & the commercial producer can all benefit from selecting stock based on fact; not just guesswork as the “eye” sees it.

Recent Goat Type Appraisal Data

Note:  Search Knowledgebase or view categories for additional related articles. The Youngstock program will not be available in 2021.