ADGA Academic Scholarships

Applications available to ADGA Members for 15 scholarships through ADGA and the Helen Staver Foundation are due April 1. For the Evelyn J. Cassette Memorial Scholarship, preference will be given to those who have been involved in 4-H for at least three years.

Applicants for the Evelyn J. Cassette Memorial Scholarship, Jim Morrison Scholarship and any additional academic scholarships only need to fill out one application to be considered for all 15 academic scholarships.

These 15 scholarships are:

  • Evelyn J. Cassette Memorial Scholarship – $1,500 (1 available)
  • Jim Morrison Scholarship – $1,000 (1 available)
  • Jim Morrison Scholarship – $750 (12 available)
  • Additional Scholarship – $350 (1 available: Courtesy of Mary Thompson)

Academic Scholarship Applications Form

ADGA Academic Scholarship Application Form PDF

ADGA Youth Convention Scholarship

The Youth Convention Scholarship is available to ADGA Youth Members to help them be able to attend the youth activities at Annual Convention. The Convention Scholarship applications are due July 1.

Youth Convention Scholarship Application

Also, visit the ADGA Helen Staver Foundation website for information about scholarship opportunities.

American Goat Federation Youth Scholarship

ADGA Youth members or youth who’s parents or guardians are members of ADGA are eligible for scholarships from the American Goat Federation (AGF). The deadline for applications is June 1 and the associated project deadline is August 1. For complete details and the application see AGF Youth Scholarship Program >>