The tools that ADGA uses – Dairy Herd Improvement for the Registry (DHIR), Linear Appraisal, Sire Summaries, Performance Reports, CDCB genetic evaluations and DNA verification are a form of quality assurance for the selection of breeding animals.

Genetic Improvement Programs for dairy goats are one of the many things that make the ADGA Registry unique!

Accumulating data on pedigree, production, type and auxiliary traits from as many animals as possible provides for accurate genetic evaluations. Genetic improvement is permanent and cumulative, so it is a sustainable and cost-effective method of directing and stabilizing dairy goat performance according to each breeder’s goals. ADGA has a unique agreement with CDCB & USDA to provide evaluations.

All forms to apply for participation in the programs can be accessed here.  Scroll down to the performance programs section to download forms such as DHI and Linear Applications.

Accurate performance records of production, visual trait assessments of type and pedigree are needed to develop a complete portrait of the individual animals in our herds. This portrait is the ADGA Performance Pedigree.

Increase the value of your investment with

  • Factual, verified information
  • Conformation & Production information
  • Correlation of yield and type
  • CDCB evaluations
  • Safeguarded through DNA Typing

Participation Benefits include

  • DHIR
    • Production information through various testing options
    • DHIR Breed Averages
    • Automatic screening for Breed Leader – list
  • Linear Appraisal
  • Sire Development
    • Automatic screening
  • Elite Bucks & Does
  • Genetic Evaluation
    • Pedigree Correlation with CDCB
    • Sire Summaries
    • Indexes: Yield & Type
    • Superior Genetics
    • Predicted Performance/Reliability
  • Performance Pedigrees
    • Verified Information
    • Award program eligibility
  • DNA Contract Testing
    • Safeguard your investment

1 hour Youtube presentation on ADGA performance programs


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